Old mortgage liens with Associates Financial Services Company Inc.?

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Hi All:

I'm working a deal with an abandoned property that has an old Associates Financial Services Company attached. It originated in 1990 and I was under the impression, from researching my county recorder's office and from my experience, that these liens were being handled by Citifinancial. However, I can't seem to get the right people on the phone to see if I can get the lien discharged.

Does anyone have any experience with discharging 'Associates' liens or have a number for Citifinancial's Lien Release Dept.?

Thanks in advance.

have you solicited the services of a title company? My experience is they are the best to help with these things.

Ibrahim S Hey IB: are you sure you need a release? Have you had a title prelim done? What is title asking for? Your title company may have current/relevant contact info for getting a release or may not even need it. I say let them do the work.

Yesterday I got a prelim for a property I'm closing on this week. Clean title as expected except, but it showed two small open mortgages from 1979 and 1980. The lender was a local private RE company that's no longer in business, one is owner deceased, the other is in conservatorship. I'm almost certain the loans are paid off as the same lenders loaned again against the property in 1980 and that loan was released in 1998.

Title tells me I need to find someone to release the liens. Hours of research and phone time and I find the heirs of one partner and the conservator of the other. This morning, after prodding the title dept. a little further, they somehow find sufficient evidence that the liens are released and issue a new title report. Wasted most of my day yesterday. In the future, I'll be requesting a double check before I do work that's not needed. :)

Thanks K. Marie and Kevin.

K. Marie I knew you couldn't resist this thread. lol - You and Kevin are right in that I need to let the title co. deal with this. Been a while since I handled one of these. 6-8 years ago my title co. didn't have any contact info on this. Maybe things have changed. The loan originated in 1990, however, so I'm almost certain that my TC will make me get this released. There are 2 others that originated in 1973 and 1976 that are still open as well. I'm waiting for official word but I think the TC will omit these two. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks again.

IB-NJ: True, you of anyone here at BP would know I wouldn't be able to resist a title issue thread. But how could you know that the last 24 hours of my life has been all about mortgage lien releases? Seriously man, that's only a fraction of what I do. And still, this week has me glued to my computer and email updates from the title company. Heaven help me, it's only Tuesday.

I say think positive AND let title do a some of the heavy lifting this time. Sincerely, Kristine-CA

I see your older post about Associate Financial. I am trying to fing out if they still exist and if not, who may now be responsible the lien they have on a house I just purchased.
Can you help?

Steve - my experience with their liens is that they no longer exists and citifinancial holds their notes. Check with your county recorder and see who has been discharging their mortgages as of late. That should tell you where to go to get it settled. Good luck.


We are in a fight for our deceased mother's house. The mortgagee was Associates Financial Services, Inc. but in researching this company we found out that it was bought by Citigroup. We have documents that state that credit life was paid for my mother's house, but we can't get anyone on the phone that will tell us who the insurance company was. We have called the Texas Department of Insurance, the original agent, new agent, homeowners policy insurance company, etc. We are being told by citimortgage that she didn't have credit life, then she cancelled it when she agreed to some benefits program, and they don't know where we should go. They are continuosly taking us to court to attempt to foreclose on the house. The title company seems to be in the same location as the Associates Financial Services was, so does that mean that Citimortgage has everything? If there is anyone that can give us some direction, please help us! Thanks in advance for your assistance.

@Delundra Williams - are you saying that Associates Financial Services Company (AF) is actually foreclosing? In my case, AF is not the foreclosing lender. In fact the city is foreclosing and AF was about to be wiped away (the property is in an estate with no other assets). And I've been able to get a few AF mortgages discharged over the years and they have all been through Citigroup. My particular case in the property I mentioned above has the AF mortgage with Citimortgage (NOT Citifinancial). They say they will discharge it so we'll see. PM me and I'll dig up the contact info for you.

Ibrahim S-
Can you send me Associates Financial Services Company contact info (aka - Citimortgage). Additionally have you ever asked them for an assignment? thanks for the help!

Dennis, citimortgage's phone # is 800-283-7918 . You will have to follow up with them and make sure that whatever requested info you fax them is received. Or else risk them telling you 2-3 weeks later that they never received it.

I I have a title through Ford housing finance which is doing business as associates housing financial services. I am trying to sell my house which has Ford is the lienholder on my title. So I sent a certified letter which was received by somebody at the end of February and it is now March 14th 2019. Calling the numbers for associate housing finance one was a wrong number the second number was to the widow of a former employee of associates housing finance who would not give me any more information. My house is going getting to sell now so how can I get my certified letter back or somebody to sign off on my title so I can sell this house.

I I wondering if anybody can help me my title shows Ford housing finance services PO box 2253 Coppell Texas Coppell 75019 zip code this was done in 324 of 1998 we bought a manufactured house in Ford was the secured party on my title. If I Google Ford housing finance services it now listed as doing business as associate housing financial services Irving Texas. Talking to a phone number that was listed with it the lady that answered was the survivor of a former employee of associate housing which she said is no longer in business. The other phone number listed was a wrong listing which got me nowhere.

We have our house sold but my title company will not give me a new title until somebody signs off on this lean. What can I do because my house is sold I need to find out cool I can get to sign off on this or how to get an unsecured lien on my title

@mary - have your company  check the county and see  look for mortgage discharges, cancellations or releases under that name.  That's one of the more  common ways I use to find out who's in charge  of canceling  a lien.

last year my tax bill came with Associates Financial services as the owner, which previously had Baman Funding with PUC and my name and address.

I had purchased from the previous owners and they were financing the mortgage some time after a few years they sold the mortgage without my knowledge and i made 1 or 2 payments to this Baman Funding and then Citifinacial informed me they had purchased my loan but they never took off Baman Funding and put Citifinancial as lien holder on my taxes i paid this loan off about 10 years ago but Associates Financial appeared in place of Baman Funding and are listed as the lien holders now and my name is no longer on the tax bills that i pay and i have no clue what to do now, i don't know how to fix this so my daughter won't have major problems when I'm gone. HELP PLEASE

I'm confused. Is Associates Financial  a previous owner of your mortgage?  You're saying they "own" a tax bill, but I can't really relate here in New Jersey. No one owns your tax bill here unless there's a lien on your property in which they own. 

So please clarify as to whether or not Associates Financial owns a tax lien, owns a mortgage lien on your property or "owns" the tax bill. If the ladder then I personally have no idea how to assist  as I am unfamiliar with third-party owning tax bills.

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