New Loan Signing Agent (Charlotte, NC)

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@Shannon Danko I became a loan signing agent after listening to the BP Money show with Mark Wills, and now am doing notary work (mostly loan signings) full time. Best choice I ever made for myself financially (although I still plan on investing in real estate, of course). I love being part of the home buying or refinancing process... people are usually happy to see you and you're close to the end of what's often been a rather long process.

I would suggest the NNA NSA course as well as Mark's Loan Signing System 6 figure Signing Agent course. Between those two I was able to learn what I needed to know (NNA NSA course was great for learning the documents, and the LSS course really teaches you how to actually do a signing and how to make money and grow your business).

Above all make sure you know your state's notary laws inside out!! Like read and re,read your handbook until you practically have it memorized. And then study the loan documents until you practically have those memorized as well.

@Alison Wise Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!!! I need to sign up for a few notary apps so I can start doing some signings! I did the LSS with Mark Wills and it was great! I guess I’m just a little nervous to get started! :)