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This is the place to share your success stories related to real estate—big, small, or somewhere in between. Entertain and inspire others with your stories! If you've accomplished something in your real estate business lately, we hope you'll let others know about it here. Be sure to include all the specifics about your deals (and include pictures if possible!).

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0-25 units in four months and it all started with Bigger Pockets!
Collin Schwartz Last post by Collin Schwartz, over 1 year ago
Collin Schwartz Collin Schwartz 160 over 1 year Jump to last post
One Year Later - 10 units and full time investor
Rolanda Eldridge Last post by Rolanda Eldridge, almost 3 years ago
Rolanda Eldridge Rolanda Eldridge 160 almost 3 years Jump to last post
Second "Deal" in the Books - Photos and Description Included
Jennifer McPherson Last post by Jennifer McPherson, 5 months ago
Jennifer McPherson Jennifer McPherson 161 5 months Jump to last post
Buying multiple properties in year 1 - can I keep this up?
Gilbert Dominguez Last post by Gilbert Dominguez, about 1 year ago
Gilbert Dominguez Gilbert Dominguez 161 about 1 year Jump to last post
Just Closed My First Deal!
Jeron Smith Last post by Jeron Smith, over 2 years ago
Jeron Smith Jeron Smith 166 over 2 years Jump to last post
My first deal... finally
Kenny Johnson Last post by Kenny Johnson, 4 months ago
Kenny Johnson Kenny Johnson 167 4 months Jump to last post
Today - at age 24 - I "retired". Here's how I did it.
Filipe Pereira Last post by Filipe Pereira, almost 2 years ago
Filipe Pereira Filipe Pereira 169 almost 2 years Jump to last post
Michael Swan Last post by Michael Swan, over 2 years ago
Michael Swan Michael Swan 169 over 2 years Jump to last post
How I Made $104,000 on My First Flip Purchased for $31K
Tawana Keah Last post by Tawana Keah, over 2 years ago
Tawana Keah Tawana Keah 171 over 2 years Jump to last post
How To Make $2 Million in Real Estate in 2 years in the Bay Area
Victoria S. Last post by Victoria S., almost 3 years ago
Victoria S. Victoria S. 173 almost 3 years Jump to last post
Just Closed a 240 unit Apartment Complex
Brian Adams Last post by Brian Adams, about 2 years ago
Brian Adams Brian Adams 174 about 2 years Jump to last post
I’m so excited! I quit my day job today to do REI full time!
Brie Schmidt Last post by Brie Schmidt, over 5 years ago
Brie Schmidt Brie Schmidt 175 over 5 years Jump to last post
I paid off a house in just 3 years!
Karl B. Last post by Karl B., almost 4 years ago
Karl B. Karl B. 178 almost 4 years Jump to last post
1st BRRRR Success(ish)
Michael Doherty Last post by Michael Doherty, 3 days ago
Michael Doherty Michael Doherty 179 3 days Jump to last post
​I QUIT MY JOB THIS WEEK!!! (with help from BP, at 31yo ;)
Robin Boyer Last post by Robin Boyer, over 2 years ago
J. Martin J. Martin 186 over 3 years Jump to last post
First investment renovated and rented!
Tina Huffman Last post by Tina Huffman, 10 months ago
Tina Huffman Tina Huffman 187 10 months Jump to last post
Bought 1st Property, working 3 jobs, with 5 kids under 5 yrs old
Tinu Matthews Last post by Tinu Matthews, over 3 years ago
Tinu Matthews Tinu Matthews 187 over 3 years Jump to last post
Ready for 7 digit success stories?
Will Barnard Last post by Will Barnard, about 5 years ago
Will Barnard Will Barnard 198 about 5 years Jump to last post
My First BRRRR! With Pictures!
Esete Berhane Last post by Esete Berhane, 10 months ago
Esete Berhane Esete Berhane 214 10 months Jump to last post
First Flip Completed Successfully! W/ Pics and Numbers
Thomas D. Last post by Thomas D., about 1 month ago
Thomas D. Thomas D. 216 about 1 month Jump to last post
Closed on my first 4-family! The numbers and how I got there...
Megan Greathouse Last post by Megan Greathouse, about 2 years ago
Megan Greathouse Megan Greathouse 216 about 2 years Jump to last post
A Real Estate Investor is born ($75K Profit on first deal)
Janina Farr Last post by Janina Farr, over 3 years ago
Janina Farr Janina Farr 218 over 3 years Jump to last post
First Flip at 21! Before and After Pics!
Garison Clemens Last post by Garison Clemens, over 2 years ago
Garison Clemens Garison Clemens 219 over 2 years Jump to last post
It has been 8 months since I left my job and.....
Arnell Enriquez Last post by Arnell Enriquez, about 4 years ago
Arnell Enriquez Arnell Enriquez 221 about 4 years Jump to last post
15 Rehabs in 10 Months in Baltimore City!
Francis Ifeacho Last post by Francis Ifeacho, about 1 year ago
Francis Ifeacho Francis Ifeacho 223 about 1 year Jump to last post

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