LITERALLY flipping a house (Video) and the after picture

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@Account Closed

Good Lord !  LOL

Oh, and very nice finished product. I almost forgot the compliment. : )

HA! Awesome!

If only all demo was so easy.

Account Closed That is awesome. The finish product looks great. I wouldn't mind seeing more photos

@Cody Brownfield   Here is a virtual tour of the house(link below). It works exactly the same as google maps street view. you can navigate through the house and look around.  One of my tenants works for google and did this for me for free. 

Virtual Tour

If anyone else is wondering he only charges 300-500 bucks for this service. On a flip it could really help your marketing. Here is a link to his FB page.

Account Closed 

 Talk about efficient!  LOL, that looked like fun. Did you use someone's truck to pull it down? 

@Joe Fernandez  We did. We have a dump truck with a 100 foot cable ran up through a Y in a tree and then out to the street. We were saving the floor so we needed the house to flip off the foundation with out touching it. We did this by putting in some bracing and running the cable through a Y in the tree. Pretty unconventional but it was defiantly fun!

A little fun makes the job so much better.  Good job.

What a creative way to demo! Well done!

amazing!  I am new to rei.  Do your builders buy the materials like cabinets and new flooring for you? Or do you buy them yourself and find people to install...where do you find people to install and renovate? Where do you purchase the cabinets and flooring etc.

Great, great job!  You should be proud

Daniella Ortiz

That google map 360 panorama view is BRILLIANT! That is really creative and smart. Seriously, bravo. 
And great job on the rehab! The inside looks fantastic, along with the structural joists in the basement. Good lighting coming through down there. 

Wow, that virtual tour was fantastic. I need to start doing that!

Thanks everyone!

@Daniella Ortiz  Myself my business partner and one helper do ALL the work ourselves. I buy most of my materials from the big box stores. 

One cool thing about this house is that it was 130 years old so the floor joist were 3"x10"x18' Old growth white oak. we had to remove them due to 130 years of warp. However we sold them all off to a furniture maker for some nice additional income. 

Here is a picture of the inside during demolition.

Wow! That is cool and very nice job!

Account Closed 

That's pretty awesome. How much does a total renovation like that cost you? I imagine not very much since you do all the labor. 

@Coleman Nelson   If you remember from the dinner I said I bought a house for $7,000 that in hindsight I shouldn't have have bought it for $0. Well this is it. 

I am very proud of this house as a contractor and not so much as an investor. I purchased the house for $7,000 at a tax auction and put $55,000 into it. I have it rented now for $1,100 a month. Not bad numbers right? WRONG It took me and my business partner 4 months to do the needed rehab. 4 months of skilled labor at no cost. If I would have paid Subs to do all this work the rehab would have cost $130,000. 

wowwwwwww.  You guys rock!  

Account Closed The Google virtual tour is amazing!  I will keep that in mind for the future!

As for the numbers....yea, the labor part doesn't help.  But you'll eventually break even and then its all profit! :-)

BTW - I closed on my flip yesterday.  Working on the success story post now!

WOW! Great job guys cool video and awesome finished house!

@Tim G.  Nice! I look forward to reading about the millions you made!

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