Poll how much money has BiggerPockets made for you?

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I just  joined this site about 2 weeks ago and I have to say that I really see the value of this site and I am excited to be here and help. I haven't made any money off this site yet but I have already got some new information that is Helping me on a flip that is in progress right now. Great Site!

Bigger Pockets has saved us so much more than money.  We are an Autistic family and both my husband and myself have severe, life shortening illnesses. We have one son [also Autistic] who suffers horribly from neurological pain [not from autism] and, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping him alive, were worried about how my son would fare after we are gone.  

Bigger Pockets gave us hope, and a plan, that not only takes the stress off of me, and provides an opportunity for my son to have an awesome life, but will hopefully be a big part of  eventually changing the lives of Autistics everywhere. 

BP has done more for my family then my ASQ certification in LEAN/SIX SIGMA, ISO 9000, undergrad in transportation and logistics management, and my MBA.  Not sure how to equate the knowledge and experience I have gained here to a dollar amount... Most importantly BP took me from reading for 7 years to DOING!  When I retire from the military this is what I'll be doing indefinitely.... For me BP is the best investment a free account can buy!

So, since BP was responsible for me getting started with real estate, and I've been here ever since, I'm going to say at least 6 figures and, once the loans are paid off, 7 figures. Maybe 7 already, depending on who's calculator we're using! 

So far zero, but the knowledge I've learned has got to be worth around 1000 dollars if I were to have to buy books and seminars to learn the information I have.

Based on the unmeasurable and infinite possibilities mentioned in this thread, it is safe to say that well over 7 figures has been made for my involvement with BP. Many of my deals were done without any other BP member involvement but it is safe to say that my education level grew from spending oodles of time on this site and therefore contributed to my success in some form or fashion.

Many other deals did have BP member involvement, from JV partners, to lenders, to borrowers, to purchasers, money was made in part with them.

It is also safe to say that I have poorly performed on monetizing my efforts here, perhaps that will change in the future. To say that I have hit the 7 figure side and underperformed monetization of the site, that should tell all others how powerful this site can be!

Originally posted by @Brandon Turner :

So, since BP was responsible for me getting started with real estate, and I've been here ever since, I'm going to say at least 6 figures and, once the loans are paid off, 7 figures. Maybe 7 already, depending on who's calculator we're using! 


(You should let me hold $20 till next tuesday....)

Over $10,000 as a real estate agent, and over $50,000 as a contractor, this year, not including my real estate investing (based on knowledge gained via BP forums and members).  Thanks @Joshua Dorkin  for this incredible platform, and thank you to all of BP Nation, who are dedicated to the cause. 

I can say I have not made exact $$ yet. But BP has given me the support I needed when I was almost ready to give up RE. Also, thanks to Michael Barbari who help me get a loan to jump start my rehab project. And to Lumita Ispas for taking the time to refer contractors my way. Thanks so much, BP.

Like others have said, it's a bit hard to quantify, but every dollar I've made in real estate can be traced back to BP. It was in December 2012 that I first found this site, and I got the courage from reading tons on here and other sites to start sending direct mail. Done 5 deals with people or knowledge found via BP!

the site and its community has made me much more than money. But as you are asking about dollars specifically I would have to say ZERO. but if you ask me again on Friday, then I will tell over $100k (in equity) as I close on 4 duplexes on Thursday!! Thanks BP!! 

sold one OREO when I put it on market place.  but have met a bunch of other great folks.

and those relationships are now germinating and producing fruit..!!!

I know of one Bp person that has made right at 100k in less than a year doing deals with me that's his income !!!

And I just got a nice bottle of Silveroak from another BP couple that I helped with a deal it was unwarranted but defiantly appreciated...

this is really a great networking site.. But its like internet dating one does need to exercise some caution.

Profits directly attributable to BP this year: > $500K.  All time?  Quite a bit more, but who's counting? :)

Investment dollars received this year, traced back to BP: > $1MM (way more...$600 K just this month).

Money spent on pro membership: $290...(I guess, had to look it up on the website, I honestly couldn't remember because it's insignificant compared to what I've received).

I once paid over $15K to pitch a deal at a venture capital forum.  I didn't raise as much from that venue as I have via BP, at a fraction of the cost.  And I'm not even on BP to raise money!  Go figure.

Net? Gross? Can't put my finger on it exactly because I kept one house I got from a BP member and it has around $95K gross equity in it. Did $100K in wholesale fees with one member. Have a flip going now that was wholesaled to me. Paid $380K and am thinking it should sell close to $600K. Oh, and I sent someone an email and save a stamp. So add 42 cents to that tally.

Originally posted by @Bill Gulley :

So, it's really a subject opinion, a guess anchored in perception of economic benefits rather than any accounting allocation qualified to actual net amounts involving direct relationships with BP members.

Not discounting the value of BP or net working at all, but subjective opinions are influenced by many variables, attitudes, agendas and assumptions.

My sandwich was good, it may have put me in a better position to discuss another business transaction later that day, so it may have contributed to some success there, I didn't account for that. That meeting led to other aspects later on, so I guess I could consider residual incomes, I'd need to get busy on a flow chart approach I guess, family tree, centers of influence, that type of stuff.

Perhaps we might better define "deal" and "made" or in terms of net income before taxes. :) 

 Ever hear of intangibles?

Originally posted by @Val Garrow :

OMG, how? 

 By having the ability to connect with people who provide outstanding service.  In my particular case, BP led me to Carol Scott and then her husband @J Scott.  They more than jump started my flipping business.  I have also invested with another BP member.  

I have learned a great deal about the RE business by visiting BP, even though I had already been RE investor for a number of years.  

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