Poll how much money has BiggerPockets made for you?

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Over 10k.

I was able to build a partnership that helped me establish a porfolio of currently 17 units in PA and start up 2 flip projects in NJ.

At least $100k in net worth from a single deal I partnered with another BP member on. We still own the property together 50/50. We originally met through BP, then built relationship at local meetups. We bought that deal (wholesale) from another person I first met on BP, and talked later with at meetups. He also made a quick $20k on the deal. I have also borrowed from several People I originally met on and respect from, BP. I received a call earlier this week from someone with an off-market deal in my local area I'm trying to buy. We'll see if it works out. I also would be surprised if I don't do other business with people I first met on BP (whether that be partnerships or loans). I would note that a lot of these relationships further develop face to face, so don't forget to also hop off the computer every once and a while and press the flesh with some other investors face to face! Bp rocks!

These posts are awesome.  I have already started investing. I have 3 investment properties.  I would like to fast forward, and do more quickly.

I have an investor, how can I make more moves?  I know you should wait to find a good deal.  I feel like there are good deals everywhere.  

Originally posted by @Cal C. :

I'm not going to get too inquisitive here, so lets simply use  the numbers below.  Please select the number that is most appropriate.  I personally have made more than $100K.

Over $1,000

over $10,000

Over $100,000

Over $1,000,000

Over $10,000,000 If you made this much you'll probably be asked to do show 101.  :) 

Somewhere between $2 to $3 Million





















It is true I've made somewhere between 2 dollars and 3 million dollars from contacts I made through BP but that is probably not the way you read it.

I also could say I've made between $19- $20,000,000.

 I'll be there for real soon enough I have made lots of good contacts on BP lots of projects in process and new contacts most every week.

You know, as a newbie here, the very fact that you all were unafraid to put up this post and let the answers fall where they will is encouraging. I bet there are other "guru" sites that would never do this, because they are making all the money, while their students are donating to their income. I haven't been here long enough to have benefited from BP yet, but I'm hoping that, one day, I'll come in here and say, "I remember when I was first starting out here and I had lint in my pockets. Now...."

I am new to this site but i am so glad i read these posts as it seems that a lot of people are getting a lot of value from the site. I think a lot of people are missing the point and think that just by signing up to the site you should be earning 10k, 100k... etc.. Don't forget that you still have to do the work. To quote Brandon Turner: "It seems that the more I work the Luckier I get!" 

You have to put yourself out there, reach out, make solid connections, create value for people and be creative in how they can create value for you, meet for coffee and yes- sometimes pay for the coffee (minus $5), but look at the $5 as an investment that will definitely pay dividends if you keep that connection and learn to utilize it. This site, the blogs you read and the people and connections you make are all forms of opportunities that we all have to know, understand and learn to use. Make 2016 your best year to date! Hoping to meet professional and ethical people on here. 

I have not realized the profit yet as I am buy and hold, but I have over $70,000 in paper equity plus monthly cashflow due to deals that would not have happened without BP.

I haven't made any money but I can say it has saved me at least $2000 from avoiding a real estate class that was over priced for what they offered.

update from 3 months ago. I will be closing on my first deal from a person I had meet because of BP. Looking forward to what else will be coming up as i'm working towards getting my own place to house hack to get my feet wet with investing in Multifamily buildings before I work towards larger commercial buildings. 

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