Good and Bad Aggression!

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Can you ever be too aggressive?

I know for most on here, 4 properties in 12 months is a drop in the bucket, or all in a days work, but for me this was aggressive. I have just closed on my 4th property, a single family home in Houston TX and although I have already set my sights on two more for 2015, I can honestly say I am a bag of mixed emotions.

I am so thrilled and proud of myself for pushing and pushing to achieve my goals. For sacrificing, for compromising, for struggling at times and in general proud that I did not lose sight of what my ultimate personal goal was/is -  to achieve financial freedom for myself and my family, so that we can live happy healthy lives from here (U.S.) and abroad (family in Ireland). This goal is my north star and it is firmly imprimted in my mind, I wake up thinking about this goal, I go to sleep repeating this afirmation. There is no doubt but that I will achieve success but my question at this particular moment is;

" At What Cost?" and " Am I being too aggressive?"

I live a nice life here in NY, a modest life in Manhattan (only the 1% or select few can afford to live anything beyond a modest life). My apartment is relatively small, I have a roommate, I have a good job, I walk to work, I have great friends, all in all a nice life.

However in pursuit of my goals, I can't help but feel, at this particular moment, that I have been too aggressive on myself. What do I mean?

(yes champagne problems, but hear me out)

I haven't bought myself a new pair of jeans in months/years. That goes for my entire wardrobe actually, my poor roommate is sick of me borrowing her clothes.

I don't get my hair done as much as I used to. Natural blonde? Are you kidding me this takes work.

I haven't gone on a weekend getaway or trip to the sun as much as I'd like to. Its cold up here people.

I have become someone who watches their money, when deciding what restaurants to go to, what convenience store to buy my groceries from, what brands to purchase.

Now, all of the above may seem normal to most. Call it budgeting, living modestly etc but in pursuit of my goals and I being too hard on myself, too aggressive.

The answer (which I used this post to arrive at, although I knew it already), is NO. When you want something bad enough, when your passion for your goal is burning inside of you, nothing is too aggressive, no compromise is too big or small and the sacrifice will all be worth it in the end.

I will achieve financial freedom for myself and for my family so we can live happy healthy lives from here, and across the globe.


well said @Yvonne Sheehan  ! You are completely correct. Make all these sacrifices now when you can, so in the future you can enjoy your hard, diligent work. 

I, myself, realized a few weeks ago I needed to be more aggressive. I need to network more, reach out to more people. Really give it everything I got to build this business. So that is what I am honing in on for this year. I'm giving it everything I got and then some. 

Your post came at the right time!! Keep doing what you are doing!

Great job!

@Yvonne Sheehan   I really can't buy more than 4 myself.  I've done so through partners, or using my own funds, and mortgages when I've been able to.  I like to buy low, so my properties generally need rehab and therefore I can only do so many per year.  Don't compare yourself to other people, just be proud of the success YOU have achieved!

@Yvonne Sheehan  you go girl.  Now can I have you talk to my daughters?

You can sacrifice now or you can sacrifice later.  You have made your choice.  Keep up the good work.

That's amazing.  First off! I have long ago stopped comparing myself to others. My one house costs $60k in a downpayment others that is their whole house. So figure out your goal and track your progress to YOUR goal!

Second: We want to buy 5 houses in 18 months. So I rented out my house and am basically living in a cheap "storage" unit while my husband is deployed so we can save more money!  We live very cheaply and I am working full time, acquiring houses AND trying to turn my blog into a website to fund my "habit". 

So I would focus on how much closer you a getting to your dreams and now how much work is left! You will see it start to pay off. Success takes sweat and tears :)

Congrats on your achievements!  You have an amazing attitude...

Though I'll throw out there that -- purely in my opinion -- sacrificing now for later can be overdone.  Indulging now and again will remind you what you're sacrificing for and may very well help keep you motivated.  Not to mention, a little bit of indulgence may help reduce your stress and improve the quality of your life WHILE you're sacrificing.

I'm not saying you should go buy a new car...but if getting your hair done or buying a new pair of jeans will prove to be a good motivator, a good reminder and a good stress reliever, you should reward yourself now and again.

Piggybacking on what J Scott said, I would not defer the "good life" too much until later. We only get one crack at this thing called life and a long life in old age is not promised. Enjoy the journey and treat yourself for your hard work (wisely). My wife has to constantly remind me of this!

great story @Yvonne Sheehan  ! Congrats on growing your portfolio. Go get that hair done now if you need to! But in all serious I commend your spirit of ability to sacrifice for your financial goals! Great recipe for success!

I like to reward myself for my successes. Sometimes I put out a carrot that I want, but deny myself until I reach a goal.

@Nicole Pettis  

@Dawn Anastasi  

@Jeff Greenberg  

@Junior Salters  

Thanks all for your kind words. Over the coming weeks will settle into my plan for 2015 including how to balance work and play, future and present goals and most importantly the smaller things in life, happiness that don't cost anything :)


@Yvonne Sheehan Congrats on the achievements! I am also currently living in NYC, after moving from Ireland and would looking to purchase out of state investments as NYC is too expensive. I was wondering if you found it difficult purchasing properties out of state and if you utilized turnkey companies? Thank you in advance!

@Ebony Ajiboye - Purchasing out of state, when done with diligence can provide good returns. I've been with a TK company for 4 years with consistent 7-13% returns. PM me if you'd like details or have questions.


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