What brought you to BP??

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The other day,  Brandon Turner did a webinar that was very inspirational and it made me think how appreciative I am to be apart of this network.  Truly a great platform for us as investors.

I wanted to create a forum to give an opportunity to speak how you as an investor  were introduced to BP and how has it played a critical role in your real estate endeavors.  

For me, I was informed about it by a local investor that I have a friendly competitive (nothing serious) nature with.  We both are racing to financial freedom and wish each other nothing but success on our journey to the finish line.  His name is @Rodney Kuhl  . Good guy, and is very helpful here in the Indianapolis, IN area.  Just want to take some of my time to say thanks for introducing me to the community man.

Feel free to share your story!

Honestly?  Well, back when I started trying to learn this stuff while unemployed about 12 years ago, there were two other sites that were much bigger than BP (I can't even remember if BP was even around back then).  One of those sites was run by a great guru that I very much admired and respected (still do).  He eventually sold his site to another person, and it started to decline in traffic.  And BP started to grow.  So, here I am.  (even so, I am still taking coaching from the other guy and he now has a new website).

Networking and growing my business.  

I learned about when I started doing research about real estate investing.  Great place to meet folks, share ideas and grow your brand...

I found BP when I was researching real estate investing.  I got addicted to the fourms, podcasts and education opportunities.

Great place to grow your business and network with like-minded people...

My wife actually found BP when we were signed up to attend a guru course. We went to the 3 day training class and came to the conclusion that we no longer wanted to pour money into an "education" that I realized I could get through networking here on BP.

I feel that was the best decision, as I have already learned so many things the 3 day guru course missed or would have been apart of the more "advanced" course.

I'm extremely greatful for the connections and advice that I have received thus far. I'm in love with the podcast and the forums. 

I found BP through a link from one of the TV network sites that was doing a story on BP.  It linked to one of the free how-to-guides on the BP site.  I read and absorbed all I could get.  From there I connected with many local investors and with the local INREIA group.  The information provided by its' members, podcasts, ebooks, and blogs has increased my knowledge and helped us through my latest investments. 

Thanks BP!

thank you @Brandon Travillion  for sharing. I can relate to that because in my beginning stage I spent my last 500 on a guru course.

@Ronald Hunt  Excellent topic to discuss. I came across BP by complete chance. I was researching real estate investing on youtube and had come across a very knowledgeable man (Phil Pustiovsky) that I would consider a guru because he offers a mentorship program. He puts out some really awesome information on youtube but he uses that as a bridge to get you over to his website. I was highly interested in what he was teaching but I know the golden rule that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. During my due diligence process of checking out his program for credibility, I came across the BP forums. I was later contacted by one of his salesmen and found out the cost for the mentorship program was $8,000. I immediately discarded the idea of that program and became a member on here and I have learned so much just by listening to the podcasts. Despite the cost of his program I am still subscribed to him on youtube because as he is describing things he uses a white board and that helps me learn because I am a visual person. That's how I became a member of this wonderful community.

@Justin Grubbs  WONDERFUL story man thanks for sharing! It's really sad how guru's prey on the less fortunate for almost their last dollar. But I'm glad you made the right choice and discarded the program and joined the community!

@Ronald Hunt  

I joined for the pdf format resources to make my deals look more professional than an excel sheet. Did this for my banker, private money investors and for myself. That's what got me to spend the money to sign up, though I had been on youtube watching podcasts for some time.

I had been listening to another real estate investing podcast which at one point stated to the effect of 'you should be getting your information from multiple sources and outlets; that includes listening to other podcasts as well, not just us.'  BP was the first one I tried & it's been a blessing to meet my needs!

@Dan Perrott  thank you for sharing. Looking forward to networking with you! 

Cordell M. thank you fellas

I had decided to buy out my partner in a real estate company.  My partner had done all of the showing and renting of property but had moved away a year or 2 ago.  I wanted to get more proficient and learn more in a few areas of landlording and was web surfing articles.  I came across BP and was amazed at the amount of information.  I did buy my last partners out and the following year from connections made through BP I bought several out of state rentals.  I also liked helping folks with questions.  Now I am addicted.


Q: what brought you to bp?

A: Google search. Real estate investing.

Yes, Google : )

In late 2008, the economy was turning down, banking hit the wall, and the real estate bubble was popping. I knew that meant there had to be good opportunity, and I just needed to figure out what it was and how to take advantage of it. 

I started by reading books on real estate investing. My plan was to read 10 books in 3 to 4 months. About halfway through my reading program, I found BiggerPockets. I turned all my attention to learning from BP.  It's been huge.  

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Thanks for the shout out, @Ronald Hunt ! BP has been real good to me, hopefully you've been able to use to effectively as well.

Google search on real estate investing.to share ideas on the same

I came here to file a claim for loss of business due to the oil spill and became an accidental real estate investor:)

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