Be a doer!

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#108 – “Dude I am pumped”, “ Dude, I am also pumped”

26 days ago I listened to my first podcast.

13 days ago since I became “active” on BP and introduced myself (I wasn't going to but Josh made me).

Yesterday morning got my first offer accepted and last night I went to the first RE Investing Association meeting.

I am hoping that this is the day I can refer back one day and say “then I never looked back ever since”.

I got tons of work to do and whether I succeed or not on this deal, one thing I know is that if you’re not pumped after reading the forum, listening to the podcast, and talking to some of the great folks on BP, it's time to get back to do some more.

Thanks @Annette Hibbler@Daniel Harnsberger , and few others who have welcomed me and gave me tons of advise already. I look forward to pay it forward.

Here is the first advise: "Be a doer!"

Congrats on that first acceptance!  That's Rad!!

@Wei Huang ,

Love the enthusiasm and thanks for the mention.  You have the tools and the intelligence to do well in this business.  Let's keep pressing ahead.

Keep pushing there will be many ups and downs along the way as I've experienced entering my second year in investing. Have a plan and stick to it and push push push.

congrats on the offer.keep up the enthusiasm and action


I agree with previous poster.  There will be many ups and downs.  Savor the ups for a moment then get back to work.  Savor the downs for years, they'll make you get back to work.

JUST DO IT!  You are certainly on the right track.  Expect to stumble along the way but never stop moving forward.  You can TOTALLY do this!

Congrats, again.

Your enthusiasm is contagious - Got me pumped just reading that! 

Congratulations on your accepted offer. :)


I just read your post. Congrats and I wish you much success!! I am literally 2 weeks into the learning process. I  can't wait until I am ready to do my first deal! I am open for any suggestions or tips you may have for a newbie just getting started. Thanks!! 


@Wei Huang

Congratulations on your first of many accepted offers.

Wish you nothing but the best with your future success.

Thanks guys and gals! I sure don't expect everything to come easy so thank you for the reminder to keep my eye on the prize! 

Of course if I can get a couple folks pumped up by posting this then is totally worth it =) 


Nothing is better than this to show that BP can be the basic root for a great start for beginning a promising real estate career that getting off the ground.  Congrats!


My only modification: Be a FAST (yet strategic) doer!

I'm a newbie who had an accepted verbal offer pretty early in the game. But it took me a few hours to send over the contract for seller to sign. In those few hours, another investor slid in with a deposit to escrow. Cash trumps all. I learned the hard way.

@William Long to start, just figure out your focus and learn as much as you can through forums and podcasts! 

Also, go to the new member forum and introduce yourself. It's a great way to connect with local folks. By introducing myself I made myself commit to going to the local REIA to meet one of the people I met on BP. And what a small world, the person who signed me in at the REIA meeting was the seller's agent who accepted my offer that very morning! The point is you never know who you will meet unless you get out there.

@Nikki Robinson Agree! and I commend you on how you portrayed your scenario, as we all should take responsibility and take charge of what we can control. Because here you can easily blame the seller. rock on!

Wei,  Great advice and the best advice! Don't talk about it! Be about it. Ideas are just that until you take action! Best of luck and continued success!

Thank you so much Wei!! I took your advice and joined my local REIA. I am excited to start learning and work towards my first deal. Thanks again!!

Thanks! The way I see it, if I can take full responsibility for my "failures," I'll get to enjoy taking full responsibility for my successes. Lol

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