First Flip Complete! Listed today!

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Well we finally finished the rehab on our first flip in Arlington, TX and listed today!  Unsurprisingly, we were over budget and past schedule but are excited that the Dallas-Fort Worth market is so hot...we are hoping for a quick sale.

Location: Arlington, TX

Price Paid: $94K

List Price: $174,900

Repairs: $46K

Holding Costs: $5300

Anticipated Closing Costs: $4373  

Buyer's Agent Commission: $5247

As you can see the numbers aren't great but not terrible at a full price offer.  We did a lot of the work ourselves this time because this was the first project we have done together and we were learning about each other's work habits, styles, ethic etc.  We intend to contract out all future work.

Lessons Learned:

1. Retaining walls are a beast.  We planned on only replacing the front retaining wall and budgeted accordingly but ended up having to replace both due to further unforeseen structural issues.  Couple that with Arlington's restrictions on repairing/replacing railroad ties and we were basically forced to install a new stone retaining wall, especially since some heights of the wall exceed 5 FT which required additional engineering requirements.  Couple this with our 100 year flood type rainy season and we really lost a lot of time and money on this portion of the project.  A ton of the yard washed away because the grass was all torn out from the retaining wall installation and so we tried to put sod in to counter some of that which backfired and washed away the soil beneath the sod.  Half our yard ended up in front of our neighbors down the street and it took a lot of wheelbarrows to get it back.

Impact to Budget - $16K (additional cost of rear wall, sod, patio due to poor drainage from original retaining wall)

2. Doing the work ourselves probably cost us money and time.  Despite the fact we deliberately decided to do the work ourselves we still got bids on the work to use as a reference point.  We still used contractors for granite, flooring, paint/drywall and a handyman for a few punch list items.  Doing this took us away from sourcing other deals, building our property management business and focusing on the things we want to do. 

Impact to Budget -  $0 I am going to say zero dollars economically but probably lost out on several business building opportunities which certainly has a cost though I will not attempt to quantify that here.

3. Systemization was in its infancy and it hurt us.  We were using Evernote as our project management type app to share checklists, shopping lists, budgets etc.  It worked great for the items we put on there but were not always consistent with uploading all the info and this cost us many trips and tons of time duplicating work that had already been done.  We are creating systems for all of us to follow so that we grow deliberately and collaboratively in the easiest fashion possible.

Impact to Budget/Schedule - $2K/1 week

4. Standardization was one of the first things we realized we needed.  Standard forms for budget estimates, work inspections, safety, contracts, scope of work, etc.  This will take time but is something we are excited about executing well on.

Impact to Budget:  Time will tell

5. Get as close to the source of the property as possible.  We learned that the original wholesaler farmed it out to another wholesaler who up-charged the deal a second time.  We ended up reaching out to build a relationship with both wholesalers and have already seen the benefits. 

Impact to Budget: $7K

Well that is about it guys.  I will post more pics of the before and after. 

Congrats Nathan!

Thanks for the support guys!  I appreciate it!

Could you break down the repair costs - where did most of cost went? From the before pictures the condition of house was decent enough.

The vast majority of the cost went into tearing out and replacing the retaining wall and concrete patio around it. 

Total for that was $25K. 

Everything else was largely cosmetics and standard flip upgrades i.e. flooring, paint, tub/shower surround and updated fixtures.

Paint (interior & exterior & cabinets) - $5800

Flooring - $3400

Granite - $2800

Those were the biggest single line items we had and mostly went to contractors...we are still reconciling the remaining line items we addressed ourselves.

Sending you connect request. I have lot of interest in/around Dallas Area and always open to make new business connections. You mentioned you also have property management business, I will be interested to talk about it.

Originally posted by @Nathan Lenahan :

Congrats Nathan!

You weren't kidding that retaining wall was a beast!..but it turned out great!

Good work getting the project completed! I'm sure it's a huge sigh of relief.  How are you marketing to sell?

Good luck selling fingers crossed

@Ashok S. - My partner and I are both agents so will definitely be using MLS; Also have yard sign, Email list, Facebook etc. Nothing groundbreaking...and it is a huge sigh of relief! Now it needs to sell!

Looks great! Good luck selling, will be interested to follow and hear the outcome!

Great job. You took action and molded a very attractive home! I will check in for an update.

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Thanks @Trey Goodwin , will keep you posted.  The last semi-updated house in the neighborhood went under contract in 6 days.  We are hoping for a similar result!

@Jonathan Andersen thanks for the compliment!  I will be keeping the thread up to date as we get offers and under contract.

Thats a nice looking little house. Built in the 70's it appears. That landscaping actually goes with that kind of house. I guess it was a grandfather. Watch out for a house being Grandpaw-ed in. Retaining walls are a lot of trouble. I used to put them in. Did you price a sub-contractor on a cement retaining wall or they don't allow those ? They use those a lot in commercial construction. I guess you knew the house was in a flood plain. Did you get an appraiser to look at it first? If you can pal up with a VA appraiser. They usually give a more thorough inspection. That look like about 5 months holding costs more or less. Did you figure in your labor?

Great job! Thanks for sharing your story.  Good luck selling!

I think it looks great. The stone retaining walls are awesome, SO much better looking than wood. Makes the place look elegant.

Great job!!   You got that first one out of the way!  Now, on to the next one!

Excellent job! The before and after pic really let the see the WOW factors, even if its only cosmetics. The after looks so appealing. Best wishes to you and hoping for a speedy sale. Thanks for sharing your journey

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