How I made $100,000 in 11 days with a phone and a pen!

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The only one that I ever watched that seemed like it may have actually been somewhat real was Flipping Out but that was on years ago @Jaquetta Turner .  I was already involved when the rest came out, and they definitely weren't reality. Wish they were!!

Congrats on the "failure"!

Thanks for the post. Great read!

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Amazing success story. The greatest achievement, in my opinion, is your ability to look back and realize where you "failed". Growing and learning as opposed to continually making the same mistakes. Im currently in healthcare and have recently joined bigger pickets due to my desire get into real estate. It's refreshing to hear these stories, let's little beginners like me know it's a process but a rewarding one. Thank you!

what an awesome story Brandon. I hope I am as lucky as you. Advertising is key. She came to you to buy her house. She's motivated right off the bat. Well done.

Great story. Just curious are you still using yellow pages?

Sorry read that wrong this was only deal you got from yellow pages. Excuse the comment. Great job though!:)

Originally posted by @Brandon Ingegneri :

I have failed a million times, and that is why I succeed.  It took me 2 years to realize that deal was a failure, but when I did, thats when I got good at this.  Every mistake I make and every can't I hear pushes me harder.

 Brandon, great job! I love your last statement.  Self evaluation and retrospect, if done properly, is what help us become better and more successful over time.  Keep it up!  And start posting more stories!

Brandon, thanks man. I'm a newbie to the game. Just looking for advice and a mentor. I'm excited about getting started. Not sure at all of where to start or what to do. I know I'm committed to the business. Looking forward to making things happen. Thanks to you and all those that replied to your post. Much success to all of you.

Thanks Brandon for the inspiring post and I truly enjoyed reading all the follow-up comments. You and I have a very similar story ("real story") to tell, something similar happened to me when I was also 24 years old. My husband and I were expecting our first child, we had purchased our very first house in No. Hollywood, CA for $42K. I received a knock at the door, it was a young lady who said she represented a developer. She went straight to the point, she said she was prepared to make an offer to buy my house, right then and there. I told her the house was NOT for sale. She said her offer was $80K, and if I decided not to sell the house, it would be stuck between 2 apt. buildings, because the developer had already purchased all the residential houses on the block! I almost fainted! At that time I was only making $800/mo! I told her I had to discuss it with my husband, since I was 8 months pregnant, and had nowhere to go. My husband and I made a quick decision, started packing, and called my parents to see if we could move in with them, until we found another house to buy. I asked the developer what he was going to do with our house, and he said "tear it down". I asked if I could have it, and he said yes. I called a "House Mover" and sold the house for $5K. Nice $43K profit after living there for one year!

Brandon, these "deals" only happen once in a lifetime. You should consider your "good fortune" a huge success, and not a failure! I have learned to always be grateful and positive. I have also learned (after 100+ real estate transactions) that GREED is very bad, and the root of bad decisions and bad deals.

Good luck to you always!

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Hey buddy, just read your post, and your situation sounds strangely identical to my very First real estate deal that I made. I too love when people said I couldn't. Being that I was a 23 year old College student, everyone told me that it wasn't possible for me to get into real estate while in college; but I did it. 

The homer that I stumbled upon was a 3 bedroom 2 bath, 1100 SF house that was valued at 90K, plus the house was in good condition. The owner was in the same position as yours was; owed nothing on the property, but was in a bad position finance wise in which she was in danger to losing the house to the county government due to not being able to afford taxes. So when it was all said in done, within two days of talking with her, I brought the house from her for $4000. At that point I was a little uncomfortable because there was no way I could've came up on a deal this good. But to this day, I've had no problems with the house, plus I'm renting it to the same person I brought it from. 

I too (due to age) have been contemplating taking the "quick cash" route, but through your post I can say that I have gotten my answer....KEEP IT AND PLAY THE LONG GAME!

Now with graduation from college 4 months behind, i'm going through the process of finding funding to do more deals, and build my business here in Georgia.

Are there any pointers you could give about how you went about setting up your business, structuring your business and investment models?

Thanks for the post buddy, it was very informational...wishing you much success in the future!!

Thank you so much for all of your kind remarks and comments @Ruth Bayang , @Account Closed  I love it! In case you guys haven't noticed by now, I come flat out and say it like it is.  I don't care what people think, do, say, or judge me on.  The only thing that I care about is if I can depend on someone to follow through and if they know I will do the same.  That is it.  Im one of those people that needs a challenge, and I would imagine that you are too.  Keep it up.  Guarantee you'll sell one of your professors a house someday.  Its not about money, its about the grind and making the deal.  Not everyone gets that, some people need it.  

Thank you for this story, Brandon. I am brand new to the business and excited to jump-in but I feel like I have so much to learn! One question I have for you is... 

When the woman responded to your Yellow Pages ad, what were the questions you asked her? If you could redo that phone call today, what are the questions you would ask, if different?

It wasn't a failure based on you at that time.

"You can't grow from eating something you can't digest."--Terry D. Miller 3:16

Great story, though.

Originally posted by @Mawa Keita :

Thank you for this story, Brandon. I am brand new to the business and excited to jump-in but I feel like I have so much to learn! One question I have for you is... 

When the woman responded to your Yellow Pages ad, what were the questions you asked her? If you could redo that phone call today, what are the questions you would ask, if different?

I basically vetted the deal. I would ask the same questions then that I would ask today. Many of them gave me insight into the condition of the physical house so that I had ammo to negotiate. Construction is my strong suit, so once I dragged all of the work that was needed out of her mouth, it helped me lock it up. 

I had to really hold her hand, front first and security for her in an apartment that accepted large dogs, get her sons car working, but all of that came off her end at the closing. 

People love to talk if you ask them questions. If you listen they will basically give you everything you need to close it. 

thanks for sharing.lessons learnt

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