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Sharon Bartmasser

Real Estate Investor from Eugene, Oregon

Jun 21 '09, 12:21 AM

I met Harrison (Go Gladiator) thru BP and through a series of emails and phone calls, I decided to fly out to Indy and take a peek at his world. I had an extra bonus of meeting Ryan OD. I am happy to report that I am now the new owner of his nicely rehabbed Ritter. Ritter already rented and should be cash flowing next month. Harrison was great to work with! Never would have done this if not for BP and the great connections and information... :woohoo:

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Nick J.

Residential Real Estate Broker from Scottsdale, Arizona

Jun 21 '09, 12:33 AM


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Harrison Painter

from Indianapolis, Indiana

Aug 14 '09, 01:20 PM

I have been gone too long!!!

Sharon, you are so kind! LOVED working with you!

It feels good to be back in action on BiggerPockets!!!!

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Tony Walker

Real Estate Consultant from San Francisco, California

Aug 14 '09, 01:33 PM

Great testimony..thanks for sharing.

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