Everything has been going well with both properties. I've been getting a couple different quotes for the copper so it looks like it'll be about 18K to repipe the whole place. The company has 0% interest for the first year and the loan is over three years so it allows me to space things out over the long haul. Most likely, the cash flow will be able to pay for the whole amount. I'm not too worried about the costs since I'll be holding this long term. Unrelated, but I'll be getting credit cards with sign up bonuses to get some free trips out of this big project. 

Also, I've decided to get my real estate license for a couple reasons 1) to get access to the MLS 2) be able to look at properties and make offers myself and 3) supplemental my income. I've already signed up for an online course so hoping to pass the exam in the next month or so. Excited to start studying!