Newbie Real Estate Investor in NC

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Got tired of doing all the construction work to make others rich. Left for the cable industry and Management, now coming back to Real Estate and hoping to be successful on the Investment side!

Any body else want to share their "Why"?

Anyone from NC? Came to BP for a proper education...

Charles, I have also been in the maintenance and construction for a long time. Previously had many jobs where you go to work every day, put your 8 -10 hours in. Got tired of the same old routine. Currently have 2rental properties in NC and 1 in Florida. Been a member of BP for about 3 months now, what great educational, and motivational website. Using the calculators themselves is worth the annual membership. Feel feel to reach out.

Thanks Randy Sundquist from Raleigh

Welcome! I'm not too far from you.

My why is financial freedom and the ability to spend more time with my family. It's not easy work but there is a lot of potential to scale the business model and it can become fairly automated.

Pleasure to meet you both. Thanks for replying!