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On BP people talk a lot about their team, and rightfully so ! They can make us look like Fortune 500’s or Junker500’s!

Whats nice in this environment with Virtual Assistants, you can do some pretty neat stuff with out keeping a really heavy overhead on you. Pay as you go! What a great time to be a business operator!

I thought I’d share a few vendors that I have used as part of my “team” from Upwork. 

I have some other all stars on my team but cant share as they would be a conflict for me if they got snapped up with our work load being risked.

If you have dealt with VA's you know that sometimes there can be some dirt you have to sift through to find some good ones. I make no representations of these guys , wont vouch for them but my experiences have been great and I plan to use them for the future.

I thought maybe someone else might get value if they are needing specific tasks done:

Podio Setup and Support

This was a big one for me. I scoured BP and tried to find someone reasonable to help me get a system setup. I learned the basics of Podio but its too advanced for me. I have spent several hours trying to create one flow on Globiflow. This guy opened up my creative box. He's like , "What is it that you do you want to do" ? and I'm like , "Not sure" ! How robust Podio can be, i can not even comprehend. The things he has done with our system and continues to do blows me away. He has done some crazy setups for SFH for customers. The sky is the limit , don't be scared to think out of the box with this guy. Im worried he knows a way to figure out how to do it. Again, i just want to stress, I don't know coding, API, or the tech stuff. This guy had me covered.


I have had great luck with these all star designers. They have done a couple logos, sign, letterhead. Seems like you can get a kick butt logo for around 100 bucks. Customer service, courtesy, and professionalism has been amazing.

Video Editing:

We did a pretty customized video for some of our marketing , and me , not knowing what i wanted, just needed some awesome stuff, he was able to tie it all together.

Technical Support

I cant say enough good stuff about Asif. He is my ongoing helper with tech stuff. He helped us migrate a handful of pages from hostgator to microsoft and helped out with a whole bunch of email issues and web site hacks ( before we found him!) He creates all my email accounts, forwarders, new domains etc. Its been a blessing because it takes me like 3 hours to figure out something that takes him like 3 seconds. I am concerned though, his immediate response time leaves me concerned that he doe not sleep but more power to him !

Spanish Translation

Need an interpreter? Saraith has you covered. Though out of the country she can dial it up in the US and get calls. This is actually a bit of a challenge that not everyone has access to. If we need something more detailed than google translate or a call intermediary, she has been top notch.


As a disclosure, I’m not affiliated with these guys, no compensation etc but I forget how easy it is to take all stars for granted so maybe one of these guys could help you.  The Podio one was huge for me as i do not want to spend the next 5 years to try and get a basic understanding of flows :) 

Also, additionally, with any vendor, one thing I have found is that even if I think they are great, certain people seem to be compatible with certain people. I really value speed, creativity, pleasantness. Im also not looking for the cheapest person but not the most expensive just an overall great value and that is typically what I feel my vendors are ( all around ) .