How many units do you own?

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I’m curious to see who exactly visits bigger pockets. Is it mostly newbie/wanna-be investors or more seasoned/experienced investors? If you are investing, are you in state or out of state? I’ll start by answering my own question, I currently have 6 units out of state and will be adding as soon as I find another deal, how about you?

@Jason C. BP is great for both folks starting out and those that are experienced.

For me I deem myself experienced and still learning. I check BP regularly and try to add value to the community based on my experiences acquiring 200+ unit apartment deals.

I have bought and sold over 2500 units with 99% of the assets out of state. 

About 130 units, all in-state. Continuing to add as many as I can.

3 currently but will be acquiring more in the next 1-4 months

25 units all in my same city... Accepted contract on 4 more (4 plex)closing in April, Accepted contract on 1 SFR AirBNB property closing in April, 2 more contracts out on 4 plexes hoping for acceptance by Monday...

@Jason C. I think you'll find that BP "activity" in the forums is usually from people with 0-3 properties or people with 20+.  I don't see, oddly enough, a lot of posts from people like you with 6 units :-)  That's not a good or bad thing, it's just what I notice.  Heck, it might not even be true.  And then you have syndicators with hundreds or thousands of units or people who put $50K into a syndication that are "a part owner of" hundreds or thousands of units.  Now who actually *visits* might be a lot different than those people who post questions, reply to queries, etc.  I know the two people who I've ran into in the "real world" that listen to the podcast, etc. never post on the forums.

Anyway, I'm trudging along at 36 units out-of-state meandering my way towards whatever the next deal may hold.

@Jason C.

Great question, because I always wonder that too!  

 We currently have 9, and self-manage.     We're currently in talks to acquire another 7 in a portfolio deal! 

42 and counting.

Too many, yet not enough. I need therapy. 

Only 1.

Closed my 1st investment property (out of state) in Jan - Just got the lease signed! Ohoo!

None yet. Recently created a multi member LLC and have been looking at houses the past two weeks and will start making offers after this weekends showings.

In my written business plan, my short term goal of this year is to have 2 SFH as rental properties within a 15 mile radius of where I live. Luckily, my business partner is a licensed GC and can do the PM while I'm out of town for work. I'm definitely hungry for my first one!

Hi Jason! We currently have 14 units which includes 1 (2) unit duplex, 1 SFH that is a furnished corporate (medical industry) rental and 1 brownstone property in Brooklyn that will provide (2) fully furnished rooms for corporate stays as well. Been in the biz for a while. Just having fun with it at this point while making a few bucks. :c)

We have around 1000 units under management that fluctuates up and down based on property sales or new management right now.

 I manage/control 404 doors, and own a % of 375 of them. All in state here in SoCal. I am not on here too much, but try and come by and help when I can.

Currently I own 8 units and should be closing on another 2 on 3/14.

If that all goes through I'll be in MN, TX and KY. I plan on buying more in each state and am also looking for a mobile home park in any of those too!

3 condo in the city of San Francisco, all 2/1.... 1 SFH right outside the city on the Pennysula...

Itching badly to get more, but telling myself to wait for the next recession... Lol

OK.. I'll take the plunge here....

8 multi-family for a total of 24 units, 65 tenants and Asset Value of $17 Million plus under several partners and I in Brooklyn, NY.

I know asking how many units is already a good question but adding the asset value can also give you a sense on your particular investment strategy.

Obviously, the value per unit is $17 Million / 24 units = $708k per Unit.... and these are Apartments!

This can help distinguish between areas that have an average of $100k per Apartment. So if I owned $17 Million of assets where the average apt is $100k, then we are talking about 170 units.

Now, if we are talking $50k per Unit of current Fair Market Value.... then 340 units.

But we are talking only 24 units worth $17 Million.

Of course it would also be good to ask how much did you pay for all of your units?! But I'm sure we don't want to go there! :) But to give you a hint..... I've been buying for 2 decades+ in Brooklyn, NY.

13 and looking forward to retirement.

I own 3 units all in central PA where I live. I purchased my first unit 6 months ago and my plan is to add 4-5 more properties to my portfolio this year.

Started two LLCs (multi-member) that own/will own a total of 10 units in two properties at the end of March (one closed last week and another is under contract) and invested in syndication that owns 50 unit/150 bed student housing development. Just getting started.

Originally posted by @Michael Tempel :

We have around 1000 units under management that fluctuates up and down based on property sales or new management right now.

 just curious if your a principal in all those units or PM? or both..

either way full time job I suspect.

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