Yesterday my wife gave birth to our fifth child, a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. 

During his delivery, I had a different feeling than I have had before with my 4 previous kids. I feel a little ashamed to admit it, but with our 4 prior deliveries the wonderful feelings of being a new dad (or dad again) in the past had been interrupted by the worry of what the hospital bills I would recieve were going to look like. I often had distrust towards hospitals because I never knew what the amount I was going to need to pay would be after going to the hospital; and it always seemed to be hundreds or thousands of dollars more than expected.

Thanks to the financial security that real estate can provide, I am in a different financial position now compared to where I was 4 years ago. Yesterday, rather than thinking about how much the hospital costs were going to be, I just felt grateful to the doctors and nurses who took care of my sweet wife and brought my new baby into this world safe and sound.

The miracle of life really is amazing. And so is the change of attitude that can come knowing that I don’t have to fret about the financial cost of bringing a new baby into this world. Real estate has truely blessed our family.