Can I just say something?

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After two years of being a member, I just wanted to say thank you to this site. Everyone here is so generous with their knowledge and expertise that I can't thank you enough. Josh, this is a great site..Anytime, I am stressed for feel like I need answers or comfort, I can come here and ask away and get real answer. Thanks so much for building this site and I am here to help anyone anytime.

I agree and would like to add my "thanks" as well. I have become acquainted with many fellow-investors through this site...and have partnered on deals with some. I used to be more active on the site, but I'm generally out in the field now, acquiring and managing multi-units. (Always looking for partners on those.) This site has been an extremely valuable resource. Much thanks and gratitude! Onward!

I concur!
The next step is to get every member to receive either a donor or Pro Member tag on their profile (or both!)

I ask myself, what did I do before cellphones and Biggerpockets! How could I possibly make it without these tools! The truth is, I can't. For me this site has been my very own Spellman and Harvard college. MY Dr. Phil and Oprah Show! I can't wait to tune in{ same Bat channel same Bat place} Thank you Biggerpockets!

This is a great site, thank you all! I have learned so much just by browsing and searching. I try to contribute when I can and have something substantive to say.

Originally posted by Will Barnard:
I concur!
The next step is to get every member to receive either a donor or Pro Member tag on their profile (or both!)

Guilty as charged. I will get this taken care of here very soon. :D

this is the greatest site in all of cyberspace! so many pieces of this delicious pie i enjoy...but, the best part for me is the upbeat & positive comments and remarks and education that is so willingly offered so often. wait, there's more-- the other thing i appreciate alot is how the norm here is for all investors to be as fair and honest as can be when doing deals, transactions, contracts, etc. just the right way to go.

thanks all!,

Originally posted by James Vermillion:
Originally posted by Will Barnard:
I concur!
The next step is to get every member to receive either a donor or Pro Member tag on their profile (or both!)

Guilty as charged. I will get this taken care of here very soon. :D

Good for you James. Of the 12 people so far in this post, only 4 of them are either donors or pros and only two are bothm, myself included.

Lets go people.

Will raises an excellent point (as always). I read this site almost daily and truly enjoy the wealth of knowledge on here. I'm constantly amazed how much some individuals are willing to contribute to the education of the rest of us. Yet, I had never thought of donating (I have no idea why).

My question is now (and forgive me if the answer is obvious - I really did look) - where is the donate button? I see the pro option, but not the donate one.

Thanks as always,


Thanks Josh! And thanks Will for making the light bulb go off for me. Donation sent.

Josh, I just saw your status - Congratulations on another great accomplishment!

Thank you Henrik on behalf of all of BP Nation. I only hope that the rest of the membership follows suit. The more money in, the more benefits we all get. I am sure people are wondering why I am advocating this, "what is in it for him?" Well, more benefits for us all benefits ME, so there you have it.

Thats great James! The easier way to give back is to get a pro account. Not only are you providing revenue for the site, you also get some cool extras with the account!

I must join in with the praise of BP and everything you have created here Josh. I stumbled upon the site knowing I was interested in real estate but this site has brought me to a whole new perspective. Everything seems more attainable to me as I always believed I had the willingness to put forth the effort to become a successful real estate investor, but I now know I have the resources and networking capability to push me along in the process with confidence. I went from reading books and looking up blogs online to spending 20+ hours per week while working full time and finishing school just to learn more about investing. Lately, I play the youtube interviews in my headphones while I'm at work and have to say the information James provided in the first video has been essential as he is a year or so in front of me. I only help to have that success. I look forward to adding a presence to the site and one day helping someone in my shoes now.

Sorry for the length but I had to give the site its praise.

Thank you for the kind words, Jarred. As I say over and over again, definitely be sure to get active over here . . . that's your best way to build up your network, financing sources, allies, etc. Over and again, we've seen examples of people who have used this site to get things moving and to build their business. Do as you're doing already; follow their lead, learn from their mistakes, plan your path, and make it happen!

Josh, I believe that you could use Jarred's post verbatim for one of the best testimonials I have read in a while!

@Jarred - Glad you found BP Nation and find it as valuable as I do. I can tell you first hand that my involvement here on Biggerpockets has helped me learn, do deals, and get ahead far faster than any other resource I have used in the past. In coming to BP, I was already a success in RE, however, I am 50+ times that now, in large part to BP Nation.
I too thank you Josh.

Josh, perhaps this thread is deserving of a sticky or some other form of added exposure. I feel that it is a strong representation of the membership here.

Also, to all members, using the "Like" tab and other social networking links (twitter) helps give BP more exposure. If you like a thread, then like it on Facebook (you will find these tabs at the top right of each forum thread and web page on this site). Doing so (as long as you have a Facebook account) will make a post on your Facebook page, thus providing more exposure.
I just did for this thread and all involved here should as well.

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