Originally posted by Jarred S.:
I went from reading books and looking up blogs online to spending 20+ hours per week while working full time and finishing school just to learn more about investing. Lately, I play the youtube interviews in my headphones while I'm at work and have to say the information James provided in the first video has been essential as he is a year or so in front of me. I only help to have that success. I look forward to adding a presence to the site and one day helping someone in my shoes now.

Sorry for the length but I had to give the site its praise.

Jarred, I agree with everything you said about BP and I am really happy that you found the interview helpful. I have learned more that I could imagine in the last 2 years or so and a lot of that is due to BP. If you ever have any questions or just wanna chat about investing let me know, as I could probably learn some things from you...everyone brings new perspectives and fresh ideas.