Hi Guys,

As of last week I successfully completed my first real estate investment from acquisition to sale. As a young real estate investor, 20 months in... It was a huge accomplishment of mine. After reading countless numbers of books, listening to podcasts and meeting with vets, it was a sigh of relief to complete a full transaction.

The whole deal amounted to a 36% ROI within the 20 months of ownership. This includes cash flow, apperciation, and all expenses ranging from garbage disposals to new roofs.

It was a great deal for both parties, considering the buyer has 2 solid tenants with a 1% return MoM return.

With the apperciation amount and inital capital, I set up a 1031 exchange. I've already closed on one property and still have about half to close on another. This will leave my current portfolio at 15 units all located in Milwaukee, WI.

In no way am I tuting my horn, this is to show new-comers, like me, with the right education and hard work you can achieve good returns in this industry. Everyday I am continuing to learn and find new ways to make my business more efficient. This doesn't mean every deal will produce the same results but I know these stories deffinitly helped me starting out and can give you confidence moving forward. 

If you guys would like to know more information regarding this deal or any other deal I've done please feel free to reach out, I would love to give back in anyway to this community.

Thanks again, guys.

Cal Rohrman