How to Use The Real Estate Success Stories

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This forum is about sharing your successes in your real estate investing. This forum is not simply for bragging - but for helping others with both motivation and tips for getting through the trials and troubles on your way to success.

Feel free to leave your success stories and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and more. This forum is meant to both celebrate those who find success as well as encourage those who are seeking it.

Why Post Your Success Story?

1) Support and comraderie from your peers- BiggerPockets is a community - and supporting each other through sharing is key in building and maintaining that community.

2) Visibility - By showing your peers and others on this site that you're making things happen, others will more likely want to work with you.

3.) Help motivate new members - Every day individuals come to the BiggerPockets Forums with little or no knowledge of the power real estate has for building wealth. Sharing your successes will help motivate more to get into this game.

So go ahead- start a new topic and post your most recent success story!

P.S. Be sure to keep this forum free from self promotion, just like the rest of BiggerPockets! Ads, promo, or other "look what I did for this guy, and I can do for you" can go in the Marketplace. Thanks!

I believe that if users aren't sharing their success stories, they are definitely missing out. I know when I hear about people that are making things happen, I'm far more likely to want to work with them. Any advice you'll ever get about attending real estate clubs or finding mentors is to seek out those people who are making moves . .

Are you?

Wouldn't you rather work with a successful investor than one who isn't making it happen (yet)?

Jump in and share those stories, folks!

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It was really true that we can learn lots of tricks to get out from the troubles came on the way of success. The above thread is really nice and it is very motivational for all who want to invest on real estate. It is very true that we all learn about the many things from various success stories. 

Great thread indeed!!! A big thanks to you for sharing the success thread.That is a lot more than a motivation .After reading this it  feels i am on the top of success .Every line is full of new ideas and some thing to learn .Thanks for all your hard work to make it easy to understand for all of us.

It is really very helpful and motivational too.I like the way of expressing your ideas.It is well written too It is clear and sharable also.I will share your tricks with my friends also .Thanks to you for sharing such a valuable story with us.

Very well written and helpful thread. Success stories give us the courage and inspiration to overcome obstacles. They are very inspiring and motivating for both beginners and experienced investors. These success stories refresh our perspective and lift our spirits. They motivate us to get back out there and pursue the next deal. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us.

From 1990 to 1998 I wasn't included in real estate business, I was a self-employed entity for fruitful deals and advertising organization that advanced and sold some items. I wound up opening a few workplaces for the organization and turned into a national deals mentor showing achievement and inspiration to a large number of individuals the nation over. This was a stunning time for me, I was single profited and was going around the US housing individuals to extend their psyches and individual breaking points to make progress. The organization where I used to work has some real issues so finally I choose to leave that and do what I generally cherished that is Real Estate.

The success stories are truly so inspiring.Makes me feel that I can do anything I set my mind to.When I feel stuck, these stories inspire me to keep going, great blog and great website altogether.I was so glad when I stumbled upon this website in my search for more information and I now have my earphones plugged in all the time while at work just listening to your podcasts then going home and re-listening while this time taking notes of things that jumped out at me, valuable tips to use in grown my confidence, experience and knowledge as a newbie landlord and real estate investor.Your site has put in me a fire to really go after my dream of owning rental property, growing my portfolio and eventually taking this on full time.Please keep these stories coming.I love too that you vary your podcasts between men and women, for being a woman, I feel empowered when I see other women excel in what was primarily a male dominated arena.Thanks again for this valuable resource (site, forum and blog).

@Dorian Dubreus Wow just 16!! Keep up the good work. I just started getting into this business and feel like I should have started long ago. And yes these success stories are what motivates me to keep learning more about real estate everyday. I've made it a point to visit this page and read one or two stories whenever my hype about real estate seem to be going down.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their story so far and I can't wait to add mine to the list soon.

@Dorian Dubreus At your age, I can imagine how it will be hard to find a mentor but don't let that discourage you. Use this time to read the books and learn as much about real estate as you can. Locate some real estate agent and work for them for free if they'll allow it. Attend real estate events. I'm sure you can find some local ones in the area. I like the way you are thinking at this age. Keep it up.

I'm currently taking my first steps in the investment business and it is a bit intimidating but very exciting. I just finished reading one of the investing books by Brandon Turner and it's really inspiring and informative. I really hope to add my success story soon. Very impressed with the information from the sight as well.

Reading of different success stories here in BP makes me inspired and motivate.It helps us to hope that we can have also a success story that we can share.The only need to do is just go and go never lost hope.

Thank you! And you're 100% correct! I've recently become a member, learning and absorbing all I can, while looking for our first worthy flip project, and the success stories are so inspiring!!

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