This is a project with Irina Costea and Adriel Liwag, members in LA. Super exciting and we're still in escrow but wanted to share some inspirational pictures for everyone out there! We received 19 offers on this beautiful home and much of those were attributed to keeping a lot of the original charm of the house. Buyers loved the original wood windows, beams and floors. While it may have been a little more expensive to refinish and patch in red oak flooring instead of tearing it out - it made a huge difference in the feel of this home. 

My best advice to developers is to please do tour a number of completed homes in your neighborhood and don't assume that because something is selling that it means that this is what buyers want. Talk to local agents, get the temperate of the market. While we have a plethora of the same old grey laminate floored flips in the area, they're selling because there is a shortage of inventory - not because it's what my buyers want. I actually have buyers specifically instructing me to not send them any of the cookie-cutter flips!

Take a look and let us know what you think!