This is great - you guys ROCK!!!

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No avatar medium Sharon R.
Coalinga, CA
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Sharon R.

from Coalinga, California

Dec 29 '12, 03:52 PM
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I am SO glad I found this site & can't wait to join PRO or whatever it is! I do believe that I am actually learning more in less amount of time than when I first got my license and sat & listened to others in the office. To: Brandon Turner? 26 days ago marketplace. When you said they are "deal" junkies you Got That Right !! This is so interesting and YES a bit addictive.

Medium 1399394541 avatar jvermillionaf James Vermillion
Property Manager from Lexington, KY
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James Vermillion Donor

Property Manager from Lexington, Kentucky

Feb 12 '13, 05:44 AM

+1 to that Sharon. BP is very addictive but I think it is a great addiction to have! The pro membership is worth it by the way.

Medium 1399600260 avatar sabrinalaplante Sabrina Laplante
Real Estate Investor from Squaw Valley, CA
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Sabrina Laplante

Real Estate Investor from Squaw Valley, California

Feb 12 '13, 09:34 AM

Hi Sharon, and welcome fellow Central Valley, CA friend!!! Yes, this site is very amazing. It is perfect for me to sit at here while I am at my job, and make use of my time. There is so much information here, you will always learn something new!!! I just upgraded to the PRO Basic, and am a happy camper :) Best of luck!! What type of investing are you involved in?

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