House number 2 Undercontract

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Congrats. Look forward to lots more good news from you.

Thanks @Joshua Dorkin and @John Moore . Just got back and we are having a baby girl! But back to the numbers. I got a hit off my squezz page of a seller that was a younger college student and he was working 60hrs a week on top of being a landlord to the property he wanted to sell as well as the other side of his duplex that he lived in. He was also planning on going to school full time in the fall and just wanted to get out of it. It was a 2 bathroom 1 bath and was worth about 20k ARV and I loocked it up under contract for 2500. Then I made one phone call to someone I actually met from BP and met him at a starbucks on my way home. I assigned the contract to him for 7000 and finialized it today. Made a quick profit of 4500 and called it a day. Win Win Win for everyone since the buyer can rent out the place for 600 a month with no repairs needed for just a rental, seller got out of his property and can focus on other things, and I got paid.

@Cameron P. Get in, get out and take the check to the bank. Good work. And even bigger congrats on having a baby girl. Things are looking great for you and your gf. I smell motivation in the air and it smells delicious. Keep inspiring and moving forward.

Haha Exactly right @Eric Hettena and thank you very much. With only 4 months to go I think the smell of motivation is being replaced by urgency and action which is a pretty powerful thing!

He's on fire! Congrats @Cameron P. ! That's great news . . . keep the deals coming and maybe one of these days you'll join us as a BP PRO ;)

Spread the word . . . spread the love, and now that you're doing it, spread the knowledge!

Haha @Joshua Dorkin Im trying soon. I gotta save a little more money first :) thank you though man still am soaking up all the knowledge cause I am far from where I need to be! Thanks @Thomas Manuel I appreciate it greatly.

@Cameron P. you are an inspiration to a lot of people on here to are following you. You may want to think about writing an e-book as to how you got successful!

No stress . . . just doing my job! ;)

@Cameron P. Congrats man! You're doing a hell of a job! I don't even know you but I'm happy for you because I know the feeling. Me and fiancé just found out we are having a girl two weeks ago so I know what you mean about the urgency!! Congrats on the addition and the added success!

Thanks @Dawn A. Im no where near successful yet. I just listen to @Joshua Dorkin Todd Toback Sean Terry and Eric Thomas and do what they say to do. Maybe one day I will be at that level and be able to help others on a bigger scale.

Congrats @Junior Salters ! Its truly a blessing in so many ways. If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe or (in our case) Provide our family with the life we want to give them. We can take it!

@Cameron P. - You'd be surprised. You are absolutely in a position to help others out. There are countless others here who haven't done a single deal -- your experience would be incredibly helpful to many of them.

@Joshua Dorkin If there is any way to give back on here I would love to! I try to do it to some local guys but it is just weird to me I guess because I feel to new. I mean 3 months ago I didnt even no what REI was and it took me until last month to find out was Escrow was all about haha.

Pay it forward. . . answer questions from the new investors here and you'll certainly motivate them. People love learning from people who just went through what they are.

@Cameron P. You better start cutting down some more trees cause your going through paper (contracts) like crazy. Keep it going.

Haha @Eric Hettena my man hows it going? Thanks man Im trying I still got fight in me!

Is there anyone in the Michigan Area looking to partner up or need help with a deal?

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