Home build on raw land cost?

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hi im pondering getting bids on building a modest 1500 sqft 3/2 stucco house in the lincoln/rocklin/roseville (suburbs of sacramento). I have 0 clue what cost that would be. 100k? 200k? Flat 8000sqft lot, paved street has water/gas/elec/sewage. Or should i just sell the lot to a builder?

Anyone have any builders in the area i can talk to?


Nobody can tell you the cost to build.  Even if someone has built the exact same house you want on an identical lot in the same neighborhood, your cost is still going to be highly dependent on lots of things:

-  Do you hire a builders or do it yourself?

-  What kinds of contractors will you use?

-  What level of finishes?

-  What time of year?

Just those things above can swing the cost 30%+. 

Come on J Scott, its not voodoo, its math.  Throw the dog a bone.

He is "pondering getting bids on building a modest 1500 sqft 3/2 stucco house"

In Sacto area your "hard costs" will be @ 100sqft to hire a General Contractor. That does not include permits, plans or sewer/water tap fees, ect... (call the planning dept. for this)

Currently the only building around here is houses that sell above $200 a foot if that tells you anything (which needs to include the price of land).


good luck

ok thanks! Houses around here are 150-175 sqft. The target neighborhood probably on the lower end. 

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