Estimated cost for installing hardwood floor/carpet on flooded house

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Hello BP,

This is probably irreverent now but I just want to hear your opinion. My family had a rental house a couple of years ago. This two story unit got flooded due to water pipe on 2nd floor leaking overnight. This place was a MESS in the morning. There was water everywhere. So we hired a contractor to get rid of carpet and install hardwood/carpet. He was estimated that it would cost him $21k to finish the task.  I was pretty shocked at the cost, and in the end my family hired another contractor to do the job.  

My question is does $21k to get rid of carpet and install hardwood sound reasonable to you? 

Here are more details: The house had two floors and it's about 2300 sq ft.

Living room: R&D Carpet, Pad & Floor: $255.00

Family Room: R&D Carpet, Pad & Floor: $270.00

Closet: R&D Carpet, Pad & floor: $27.00

Patch Ceilings: Kitchen: $280.00

Patch Ceilings: Family Room: $162.00

Patch Ceiling: Living room: $153.00

Paint walls and ceilings: $1,530.00

Install pad: $0.00

Re-install carpet after drying: $0.00

Insta Hadwood Floor Item # 725026: $4,025.00

Cost Final

1st floor Materials >>: $4,805.00 1st floor Labor >>: $6,702.00

2nd floor Materials >>: $4,796.50 2nd floor Labor >>: $5,119.00

GRAND TOTAL: $21,422.50

Here is more information on 2nd floor

Stairs: R&D Carpet, Pad & Floor $132.00

Open Area: R&D Carpet, Pad & Floor $456.00

Master Closet: R&D Carpet, Pad & floor $96.00

Master Bed: R&D Carpet, Pad & Floor $320.00

Install Pad
Re-install carpet after drying
Clean up and dump $90.00

Install Hardwood Floor Item # 725026 $4,025.00

Personally, I thought this was pretty expensive, but then again I probably don't have slightest clue regarding what's a good deal and a bad deal. What do you guys think?

It would help to know the quantities of the carpet & the hardwood floors to get a better idea of what you are paying per sf.

I would imagine you are going to pay close to $3 to 4/sf for the carpet to remove and reinstall new carpet.

The hardwood floor is likely going to be $7 to 10/sf to remove the existing and reinstall new.  

This doesn't include all of the other miscellaneous items, that I'm sure you will need done such as removing and reinstalling baseboards, shoe molding, patching drywall, insulation, painting, mold  abatement, etc.

Thanks @David Robertson  

From what I can remember, the majority of house was covered with carpet except kitchen area.  and kitchen area was about 1/3 of 1st floor if i remember correctly. On the estimated spreadsheet the contractor sent out, I see that the labor cost exceeds the material cost. so labor cost for each floor is roughly $5k (about 10k total) with material cost roughly $4.5k. (about 9.5k) 

Does it sound about right?

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