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I am nearing my fiscal year, can anyone recommend a good CPA that does construction? A regular CPA will not cut to what I need. At a minimum, I need an FS, BS, WIP Schedule, and Percentage Complete Construction. It might be always 0% but a bonding company requires them.

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@Manolo D.

You need those statements and schedules prepared? Are your books in order?

Have you used a CPA in the past? They may be able to refer you to someone. I'd love to help but it looks like you want someone local and I'm out here in D.C.

You can also call your state's CPA board and ask for a referral. They normally help. 

 Im not that picky when it comes to local or not, my books aren't in order, I have online workers to do some bookkeeping, I wanted a fresh start, the previous reports are not really contractor statement standards so that is why I am looking for someone to help me understand the difference.


Manolo D.,

Did you get any other names / references? I am also located in LA and also looking for a new CPA. Please let me know if you found some1 and would like to share your experience with me.

Thanks Marc

@Dutch Marc I didn't find anyone local, my CPA is overqualified for what you need, he is a specialist and is capable of doing "Audited Financial Statements". I have a very special need when I was looking for it, the CPA needs to have experience on construction AND accredited to do AFS. I have had several tlks with @Brandon Hall but he did not have the accreditation that I needed. He specializes in real estate and from our conversation, even though he has a new practice, I believe personally that he has done preliminary RE related activities. I, however ended up with a 8k bill for my report, and might be another 8k this year.

Thanks for the followup Manolo D.