Looking for a good contractor for Baltimore City

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I am looking for a good contractor to do work on Baltimore City rentals.  Any referrals?

@Carl Bowens I see this is your first post so welcome to BP. 

Finding contractors is one of the toughest parts of the business.  I suggest:

  • Home Depot or Lowes at 7:00 am (Tip from J Scott, that is when the good contractors show up)
  • Local clubs and meetups
  • networking with other investors (auctions are a good place to meet serious buyers)
  • Craig's list or other online ads
  • Stop at every property being rehabbed you see. That is where the good ones are - working

Thanks, Ned.  I see you are a Baltimore landlord. Any advice?

Also, are familiar with Charles Parrish's REIA group? If so, any thoughts on it?

good advice on bullet point one. except that those guys  are usually at home depot and Lowes because they are working already. future work is always possible.

overall, once an investor finds contractors they like, usually (there are exceptions) sharing  isn't on the top of the priority list.

@Carl Bowens

 @Account Closed brings up a good point. Good contractors are so hard to find many investors would not share them.If you are lucky you can get into a  group of friends that is willing to share.  But if I didn't have enough work to keep one busy full time I would rather share him (or her) with a friend than have him go to an investor I don't know and never see him again. 

Some types of contractors are easier to find someone willing to share them. Like a good carpet guy, granite, roof, windows. etc. but a good handyman, carpenter or general contractor is tough.

My best advice for land lording is 

1) screen your tenants very well

2) Be fair but Firm. excuses don't count rent must be paid.

I have been to Charlie Parish's group. I haven't been in a long time, but all clubs have some value. Right now my favorite is the BWI Meetup (google it, it's easy to find)

Good luck - Ned

Ned and Seth,

Thanks a lot for the advice.  I'll keep in touch as things move forward.

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