looking for good, fair, and honest contractors

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In the DFW area and I am looking for good, fair, and honest contractors for my wholesale deals. Any suggestions?

Now, THAT's how you post an ad. Not Good, Fast, and Cheap contractors lol. ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist but post.

@Kim Williams

Good, fair and honest contractors?!?!?  Assuming it isn't oxymoronic and they really exist, you are asking for the true 'secret sauce' recipe.  Do enough marketing and anyone can find a property that is 'cheap' to buy but 'needs some work'.  Getting that work done in an efficient, timely and profitable manor is where so many new investors go wrong.

Use real contractors; those guys with licenses and insurance and companies you can find listed with the Secretary of State office.  Then negotiate, negotiate, negotiate to find a way to work with them at a profitable level.  Make sure they know you are looking for team members and they can expect future business.  Yes they hear that all the time but they still need to pay attention to it.  Try negotiating down the warranty period.  Take some of their risk for some of your profit.  

Use the local REIG's to get names of some of their recommendations.  Use the referral networks but make sure one of the first question you ask is 'do you work with investors'.

If you are really a long-term thinker or already have a base of properties, check out your local high school and/or junior college to see who has trade programs. Interview the instructors for recommendations of recent grads that may have their license qualification periods completed and see if they want to JV into their own company.

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