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Has anyone used Green Home Solutions? Please share your experience. I have a property that has mold 33 ft from the floor (indoor gym) So the look of the end product is important. I wonder if anyone has any experience as what the end result will look like. They have 1 year warranty  and that's what I like about it but I am uncertain as what it might look like because they do not have before / after pictures to share with me (can find some online but not enough to extrapolate for my particular situation) Thank you. 

I really don't understand this???  Where is the mold?  Are you saying it is on the surface?  On the wall?  On th floor?  Did you call only one mold removal company info estimates or diognosis?

What options do you have.  what is causing the mold?

Cause could be poor circulation. We did get several quotes from contractors, only one of them is a mold removal company and everyone (regular home contractors) quoted higher than Green Home Solutions and they make no guarantee that what they quoted will be the final price because they do not know if the mold is deeper than what is seen.

Keep in mind that the "guarantee" is only on their workmanship. No mold remediation company in their right mind will ever provide a guarantee on their work if the source of the moisture isn't corrected.

I think I need to clarify regarding the warranty offered by green home solutions and the guarantee on the price about the other contractors' price. The other contractors simply say: "will spray with vinegar and paint the ceiling (kilz and then regular paint). But if the mold is behind the plaster, it will more than what I just quoted you. I will need to replace the ceiling"

You might want to go with a franchise mold remediation company, yes they are expensive, but they could identify better than your household contractor. Still, you need to find the source of the mold before killing it.

@Marina Wong , given the distance between the bents (the metal framing system), I'm wondering if the roof was constructed using SIPS or SIPS-type panels (a rigid insulated panels with a drywall face on the underside and a plywood/OSB face on the other); do you know?  If so, the ridge may very well be the culprit... either because it is sealed so tightly (not uncommon with SIPS panels) that all the vapor collects at the ridge area with no place to go.  SIPS may have very low permeability rates and so the vapor cannot pass through them and there doesn't appear to be any provisions along the ridge to ventilate (do the sidewalls have mechanical ventilation near the peak?).  Naturally, users of a gymnasium can produce high volumes of vapor (which may manifest as condensation) exacerbating the condition.  

Another option is simply the ridge cap flashing - it may be allowing water from the exterior to enter.

I'd encourage you to have the roof substrate checked too... either condition may be affecting that which is not readily visible.

Thank you @Account Closed . I am not sure what the material is on the roof but I know there was no prior issue in the basketball court. Mostly because the built in humidifier was not used during the summer.

I eventually did use Green Home Solutions of North Shore. They did a fantastic job and cost only half or what some other contractors quoted me. The process is also much faster. Not only that, they repaired the scissors lift for free!

Originally posted by @Marina Wong :

Mostly because the built in humidifier was not used during the summer.

Glad to hear it worked out well!  And you did mean de-humidifier in summer, yes?  Might want to consider exhaust fans too if there aren't any.