As a Contractor myself I hear horror stories here in The Kansas City,  Missouri and Kansas markets. A lot of the times it is at the beginning of a long relationship with a new investor. Or walking a historic neighborhood with an investor to get a feel for colors and style of the neighborhood. Then running into a home owner with a partially sided house(tarpaper only) asking her if it was up for sale.  You can see that glazed over look in her eye when she begins to tell us about giving 15k to  a contractor to install hardie board siding and all he did was the demo. Leaving her live-in flip in shambles and her bank account to match.  I am not going to pretend I am perfect but I do have a conscious I am always quick to respond to my teams mistakes and to make right what we have done wrong. Without excuses or blame we fix the issue. 

My question is what has your contractors done wrong? (group therapy feel free to get it off your chest)

What has your contractor done right? 

I would like to learn from others.