Orange County NY Labor Contractor Recommendations

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Hi all. I am hoping there are some NY, specifically Orange County area investors who know of some reliable contractors who will provide labor only. I have only been able to reach out to the big name outfits, who only work with the better products, and go above and beyond the type of work a flip requires. I always want to do things right , however I don't want install the Cadillac of roofs for $400+/SQ, because I am getting lifetime shingles, ice and water over the whole thing, and other ad-ons. I would like to find a company who will do a proper installation (roof, windows, siding, etc...) where I buy the materials and they perform the install. I am at my flips more or less all day during the week, so oversight is no issue at all, and I have a background in management at a medium sized GC firm ($1,000,000-$50,000,000 projects) so take offs and material lists for residential work is not an issue as well.

Hopefully someone in the area can share a couple of leads.

With the current house I am crunching numbers on, I have them run using the quotes I received from the big name outfits in the area. They are actually more expensive then I was paying in CT. My issue has been the few people I have found are premium contractors and I am paying premium pricing. Being a flip, I do not want all the bells and whistles that I am paying for using these types of contractors. I would be open to more reasonable guys, providing labor and materials, or getting my own materials and paying for labor. I have extensive experience with material take off and purchasing having worked for a medium sized GC, so I would not fear ordering my own products. At this point there are really no deals to be had, paying for the premium companies. The 1000 SF house I am interested in would be a $100,000 renovation and there wouldn't be a deal there.

Just new to the area and trying to see if there are companies other than the big guys out here.