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Just bought my first house rental in north Portland, Oregon. It needs some work, new roof, plumbing, electrical and I would like to add three bedrooms and a bathroom. I am looking for local contractors to help me out. I thought this would be a pretty good place to start. If anyone has some suggestions, I would appreciate it!

Hey Doug,

Congratulations on your first purchase! Whereabouts in North Portland?

Are you looking to act as the GC yourself and just use subs or are you looking for a good GC to handle the scheduling and timing of all permitting and work?

It’s tight trying to find folks who aren’t already on other projects so I’d recommend using a GC for your first rental like this. I believe a couple are here on BP and may chime in...

@Daniel S McNabb

Best of luck! Take pictures and let us know how it goes!



Happy New Year and thank you for the reply. I appreciate the introduction to Daniel. I will look up his company and give him a call.

I am not sure which avenue I am going to go. I bought this rental as a learning opportunity in a lot of areas. Hopefully I will find a GC to work with me.

Once again I appreciate the response!



Pretty big scope for a start. Good luck bud.

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