Need contractor referral in Indianapolis

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Hello BP! I’m looking for a good contractor in Indianapolis. I have three properties that need some work. As most of you know, finding a good contractor is a pain! Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Fas

Hi @Jeb Brilliant I did. I'm an out of state investor, and after receiving quotes, I decided to fly out to Indy and was able to find that some of the work they proposed was bogus (wanting to change a perfectly new carpet with hardwood for instance). Their prices look inflated for the most part so I wanted a second opinion if anyone knows of a reputable company. 



@Fas McO'nen If you don't mind me asking, what area of town are your properties in? I've heard from other investors that it's not only hard to find good contractors if you do find one, they probably don't have the time to add on a new client and they may not work in certain areas of town. PM me if you would like.