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Hi All,

I'm looking for licensed, bonded and insured contractors in Olympia, Washington to give quotes for a rehab. We are doing a conventional rehab loan and it would be helpful to have a contractors present during the inspection so I can dial in upfront what my rehab costs will be.  I'll have a better idea of the repairs needed later this week, but right now it looks like some light kitchen work (counter and sink) and possibly baseboard heater replacement throughout. 

Note: If my offer gets accepted, inspection would take place sometime in the first couple weeks of October 2018.



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Hello @Skyler Chaney , In my experience so far, its been difficult trying to get a contractor to show up and bid, or even give you an estimate unless you already own the property. That has just been my experience, so I hope you have better luck. If you need a good home inspector, I'd recommend Nate Kilby with Right Way Home Inspections. I was also referred to Olympia Construction, owner is Mike Auderer, but I have not worked with him personally. good luck man!  

@Skyler Chaney as @Jake DeAtley said, it may be very difficult to get a contractor to show up to bid work because they are all swamped - most guys I talk to are booked out for months and are turning down work nearly every day. I think it is hard to get them to come out because:

1. They are VERY busy, they just don't have spare time.

2. It sounds like a small job with little margin for them.

3. If you're replacing baseboard heaters, the good GC will not touch them but hire an electrician to come out (also very busy and hard to get out)

4. If it is just to give you a bid, what is in it for them? Are you for sure going to use them in the future, or are you going to do the work yourself and just get the bids to satisfy the lender? (I get it - I've done this multiple times myself, but you need a friend in the business to write up the bid because they are doing you a favor with no return)

If you're able to keep these things in mind when talking to one, you might be able to mitigate some of these obstacles and actually get one out there. I'll PM you a contact, but he is in the same boat as everyone else - way to busy for small jobs unless there is a good reason he should do business with you. 

Good luck!