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Hello everybody,

I am brand new to the real estate investing scene. I am going this route because I am extremely interested in the real estate world and looking to up my income and start investing. I currently have a bachelors In construction management and work for a large GC in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I just recently went to a 3 day event which was hosted by Fortune Builders as a lot of you may have heard of them. I was very intrigued by what they taught us and I want in. I however did not fall into the trap of spending $50K to enter the program, 1 because I do not have that money and 2 if I did I would have invested in a property already.

As a student who is now employed with the nightmare of college funds following you, how do I start my new path in real estate investing with little to no money for down payments but great credit? I ask because I see myself rehabbing houses in and around my current neighborhood or Fort Lauderdale & Pompano beach.

I’d love all advise of your journey and how everybody started to get to where they are since let’s face it everybody started somewhere right?

Thank you for your time, I look forward to reading the replies!

@Sarah Thibodeau , the best way in is to house-hack a multi-unit property, using a FHA loan to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. You're in a great position with your construction background, so look for a property where you can renovate and add value. Then refi, pull out cash, and repeat.

Start by analyzing, analyzing, analyzing. So when you come across a good deal you can recognize it and pounce.