San Antonio TX Contractor Needed

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Hello fellow real estate investors and enthusiasts. My partner and I purchased a fourplex in San Antonio TX this past December. It was a full rehab job and we are about 60% done with the project. Our contractor had to leave the project and we’re scrambling to find a replacement that will work within the remainder of our budget and timeline. We’ve completed foundation/leveling, floor plan, plumbing, electrical, roof, windows,

exterior paint, insulation, HVAC, and all the drywall is up... we need floors, cabinets, tiles, counters, fixtures/finishes, and interior paint. If you are a contractor or know any contractors working in the greater San Antonio Texas area please reach out to me ASAP! There are future projects in the works so this would be a great opportunity to start a business relationship. Thank you!

Tough request. Not many gc's want to follow another one for less overall money. Best tongc the project yourself and hire subs.