Maintenance Suggestions in Des Moines IA

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I'm currently self managing my properties but would like to see if I can outsource the maintenance/repairs. I'm looking for suggestions for someone or a company that could be on call that could make small repairs fast in the Des Moines Iowa metro. Most "handymen" that I've contacted were booked out for at least a week. I know this person/company may not exist as everyone is so busy in the Des Moines metro but I thought I'd give it a try. Thanks in advance!

Hi Carl. I'm in a similar position. Self manage my properties in the Des Moines area, but am starting to look to outsource maintenance work. I'm also looking for a reliable contractor who could perform rehabs for newly acquired properties. I've had similar luck so far in that everyone is booked a week out. I'll let you know if I end up finding someone reliable to contact. 

@Carl Amundson

I don’t have an answer for you right now, but I will do some research as well. So far I’ve just been keeping contacts handy that do whatever work I cannot handle myself. My units are newer though so I haven’t had too much of a need, and I do fix most everything myself.

I might have a guy depending on your needs...

I wont blow him up with people blindly reaching out though:)  Send me your info and what you are in need of and I'll relay it.