Phoenix AZ Contractor needed

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Hello everyone! I’m fairly new to real estate and need some help. I am in need of a good and reliable contractor. I have a 3bd 2br home right now but only 2 of the rooms are being occupied and the other room is just sitting. The room is off to the right side of the house and is pretty isolated from the rest of the house so I want to convert it into a Airbnb to give it some use.

The room needs the following:

- A doorway from the outside leading into the room

- A bathroom

I basically need someone who can create a doorway and install the door. The house is made out of brick, I’m not sure if that’ll be a problem or not? I also need someone who can convert some of the garage space next to the room into a full bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) and install lighting in the bathroom.

If you or anyone you know is a great and reliable licensed contractor and is willing and ABLE to take this project on please let me know! The home is located next to river view park in Mesa, Arizona . I also have sketches of how the home looks currently and of how I want it to look. If you’re interested I’d be happy to exchange contact info and send those over. Thanks in advance!