Lien Release document?

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Hi there, 

I am doing a major internal rehab + a roof for the first time - yay! My roofer is having me sign some paperwork and on the Bond paperwork there is this huge, "YOUR PROPERTY MAY BE LIEND" jumping out at me in bold. It also says for additional protection I may request the contractor to provide me with original "lien release" documents from each supplier or subcontractor on your project.

My question is - other than vetting the roofer/contractor well, how do I protect myself from a lien happening? Is the Lien Release document something I can get pretty easily, or will the roofer supply one if I ask?


Each state has their own mechanics lien stat autos and Specific forms and procedures.  You can google them up for your state. You Need to know the laws, notice requirements, timelines, proper forms, etc.

@Christen G.

Worthwhile to pay an Attorney in your state for a Lien Waiver. Then it’s on You to get it signed at the time of payment, always pay with checks never with cash.