Looking for a Contractor - Tacoma, WA

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Looking for a Contractor in Tacoma, WA for a project. Demo, Ikea kitchen install, LVP install, painting, load bearing beam install, reworking a hallway. I'm getting plans and permits in the next two weeks. My usual guy just gave me a bid that says "I really don't want to do this job". I'm looking for a smaller owner operator with a small crew that I can develop a relationship with.

@Michael Sato I don't know that this is what @Joshua Drye is looking for. BP's service is powered by HomeAdvisor, so contractors are paying to be on that list. In my experience, the contractors that pay a lot for advertising are totally competent but often too expensive for an investor to work with. 

Best of luck Joshua - I used to work with a couple guys in Tacoma but they've become flaky and unresponsive, so they're no longer folks I would feel good about recommending.