Electrician Needed - Suffolk County

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Hey BP,

Just wondering if any one is on Long Island that knows a good electrician.  I know good crews are hard to come by but just putting it out there that I could really use a good electrician that can complete jobs in a timely manor.  I have two different sets now but both take forever and hold up jobs. If anyone has anyone they know that would be super useful and it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for any input in advance!

Hey William, depending on the job I may have someone to help, what kind of work do you need?

Hey @Ryan Cleary we do residential flips, most of the time we rip out all the old wiring and re-wire the whole house. We have some new builds that we are going to be starting in a few weeks that we could get a price on. We also just made a strong offer on a 7 acre development project. Do you think this is the type of work he'd be interested in?