My partner and I are seeking a GC for the Evansville, IN market. The houses we have bought are needing a bit of work and this is why I am here. Mostly new floor installation, drywalls/paint, knock down some walls, update kitchens... the fun stuff. I personally am a boots on the ground investor and would be on site at least 2-3 (if not more days a week) while my partner is a silent investir.

I do what I can do as I grew up on a farm, but leave other stuff to professionals. That said, I do not micromanage or tell anyone how to do their job. I am easy to work, honest with pay and hand shake type of guy. If anyone has any one that comes to mind, Id greatly appreciate you point me their direction. We'd love to work together!!!!

Quentin Cooke

"All Ships Rise With High Tides"