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chat now
I mentioned in a post on an old thread that I would post this. I really think we need an instant chat on a subject once in awhile. I'd volunteer to be on the chat once a week at 9 eastern time to chat about a... View more
BiggerPockets Integrates with Deeper with Facebook
As most of you are already on Facebook, we thought it important to give you the ability to let your friends over there know what you're up to right here on BiggerPockets. You'll notice a new tab in the Settings &... View more
Pro Account Members Future Benefits
After meeting with Josh in person today, we discussed a few ideas I had about the site. One of which was to have some added benefits and organization with your colleagues. I suggested that we have the ability to... View more
BiggerPockets Newsletter: Looking for YOUR Help!
As most of you know, our newsletter has undergone various transformations over the past months/years. Since we get little actual feedback about the newsletter, I was hoping to find out what our members would like to... View more
Off-Topic Forums Moved
We just relocated the Off-Topic forums to the bottom of the forum page, right above the Marketplace section. For those of you who were wondering why, we felt that those areas should have less of a prominent position... View more
SUGGESTION: Users should not see PM form if they are not already colleagues
Not sure if this has been mentioned previously, but there have been several occasions where I have gone to PM someone, wrote my message, clicked send, only to be told after the fact that we need to be colleagues first.... View more
Feature Requests: EXPORT DATA!
Man. It sure would be awesome if I could forward my PMs to my e-mail and mass export my colleagues to my address book or as a CSV file or something like that. Or maybe such features exist and I'm unaware?
Making it easier to find users blogs
There's been a couple times I've looked for a particular persons blog and I could not find it. I got an email from my reia asking a question about wholesaling REO's and I wanted to send them the link to Steph's blog,... View more
BiggerPockets is 40,000 Members Strong and Counting!
Need I say more? 40,000 BiggerPockets Members! :wowo: This is yet another incredible milestone for BiggerPockets! I'm so proud of what this site has become, and I can't believe how many people we've managed to... View more
What have you gotten out of BiggerPockets?
My questions is two(2) fold. I would like to find out what others are getting out of this Network. And I also would like to profess what I have received. My story: When I first joined BiggerPockets, I would just... View more
Sorting Forums
It might just be me, but I find the new way the forums are sorted when you click on the tab to be very busy and hard to find what you want. In the future, will there be a way to personalize that tab so you can have a... View more
is donny random real?
Hi all I just received a friend request for Donny Random - Im sorry if this is taking out of context but is Donny real or a spam bot??? Ray
BiggerPockets Hosting Blog Carnival - Submit Your Best Blog Posts!
For those of you who are unfamiliar, blog carnivals are a great way to build up your blog's readership. A carnival is where a blog shares different articles that have been submitted by bloggers within a niche. There... View more
Forum Avatars and Signatures
As we've just relaunched BiggerPockets, there are some changes that you'll notice. Member Avatars and Signatures are now controlled by your new profile. To add an Avatar to your posts: Go to the Dashboard and select... View more
BiggerPockets Founder on 100 Most Influential Real Estate People List!
I just learned that I made a list of the 100 Most Influential and Interesting People Online in Real Estate, put together by one of the more respected figures in the biz, author Stefan Swanepoel. It is my pleasure to... View more
Ads in the Blog section?
I have a question. Why have so many postings in the Blog section of BiggerPockets turning out to be just an ad for the person? As I read over the Blog posts, I am amazed at how many are just ads! No content at all! ... View more
Forum suggestion
How about a "member since ____" under each avatar? Make it easy to spot veterans, newbies, and those in between. I know number of posts, influence, and awards give clues, but tenure would be interesting.
New: Easy Login and Friend Import with Facebook Connect!
It feels like everyone is on Facebook, so we thought it was time to get with it! We've integrated BiggerPockets with Facebook through their 'Facebook Connect,' allowing members to easily login to the site using their... View more
New Award? Super Addict
I was looking at the awards and noticed that we've got quite a few people that are official BiggerPockets Addicts . . . great! That said, I'm wondering if we've made it too easy to be one . . . So, I was thinking... View more
GoGladiator T.V with BiggerPockets Founder
alright, right up front. I wasn't asked to post this but I felt compelled to do so :mrgreen: If you guys aren't watching Harrison Painter and RyanOD with their really cool show they do everyday then you're missing... View more
Search BP forum
If I type two or three words in the search it will search the forums. But if I want to search for a specific phrase, I'm used to putting the phrase in quotes. The search results are the same whether or not I use... View more