Do YOU listen to the BP Podcast? Then PLEASE help us out!

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Here the 5 star review that I left on iTunes -- Keep up the hard work !!! 

I have listened to all 102 episodes and enjoyed every one and will continue to do so as long as they keep rolling them out !!!

If you are looking for real estate info and advice without any sales gimmicks, then this is what you are looking for !!!

I give them 10 stars if it was available ....

Happy listening !!!! 

I really got a lot of inspiration from this Podcast#108 with Grant Cardone, and it's what about the compliment he paid. Keep it up great content I enjoyed every minute.

Walter K 

Originally posted by @Walter Jones:

I really got a lot of inspiration from this Podcast#108 with Grant Cardone, and it's true what he said about the compliment he paid to you guys at BiggerPockets. Keep it up great content I enjoyed every minute.

Walter K 

Done.  Since I'm an every morning listener, it's the least I could do.  The podcast introduced me to the site recently, and I can already see it will be a great reintroduction to RE investing. 

Also @Brandon Turner  what's the best way to submit a podcast jingle to you guys? 

most of the time I'm on my iPhone, but when I do get a chance I will that no problem. 

Really enjoyed the info given on Podcast #116. Very informative.

Podcast was very informative about private money lending. 

BP and the podcast have changed our lives. I've learned more in 4 months of listening than I did in all 4 years of college. Thanks to the eduction we've received at BP, my husband and I have made massive changes to our lifestyle recently, and begun moving our six figure savings from places it was doing us no good, and into smart real estate investments. We're well on our way to financial independence, all thanks to BP. Love the podcast and I've just written my very first online review for you guys on iTunes. Keep up the awesome! 

I listen to the podcasts on Bigger Pockets as well as sign up for the weekly Webinars.   Bigger Pockets is a fantastic resource of learning and networking for anyone interested in investing in real estate.  It is the only venue I know of that does not use hype or hard sell tactics to get customers.   Bigger Pockets is a breathe of fresh air in a society where branding and marketing are overplayed.  I just signed up for pro membership and look forward to using it's key features to help me further along in investing.

just listened to my first BP podcast.  I Didn't know what to expect.  Podcast 131.  Amazing.  Serge has a wealth of knowledge.  I am in the medical field and want to dip my hands into real estate.  I just finished my 5th book on multi-family.  Stumbled across BP online and loved the podcast.  I felt like I just took serge to lunch and gained a lot of real world insight from his experiences. I know I have a lot more homework to do before I begin my journey so I'm on to my 2nd podcast now, going to listen to serge on podcast 60.  Hope they are all this great.  Thanks for the free info.  I would have paid lots of money to learn what I did in that hour cast.  Loving BP and am excited to learn about and use all the resources available here.

Hey guys,

I'd like to listen to this podcast, but stuffing the following URL ...

into my podcast reader (MediaMonkey) isn't working, manly because the end of it doesn't contain a filename.

Can you help me out with ...renewsblog/feed/podcast/index.rss or rss.php or whatever I need to enter?

Nope, Nope. and Nope.

iTunes?  No. Don't need that much apple software Stitcher and Soundcloud? Don't need more phone apps. I just need a valid, full formed address to the RSS feed.

look at the URL for Planet money on NPR: <--See how this one has the file tacked on the end?  That's what I need.  URLs (or URIs) that end with slash are not be useful because they assume a possibly non-standard behavior from software.

ignore that comment above.  The link mid-page: <-- that works

There are other links on the site that did not.  

Thank you!

new to real estate and I'm amazed at the free info you guys give out! I use to go to the rich dad seminars for hundreds of dallars but I get even better training and info here on bigger pockets podcast for free! Keep it up guys you are changing life's thank you.

@Brandon Turner What you can do is give a shout out on the show to those who leave reviews. I have a friend who does this which helps to generate more reviews. Hope that helps! :) 

Hey @Rachel H. we've been doing that lately on recent shows. Thanks for the tip!

Happy to add my 2 cents and 5 Star review. The podcast is terrific! I enjoy Josh and Brandon's back and forth...most of all I know I'm going to hear great guests with really good information. I hope everyone is listening and takes the extra time to post a review in ITunes.

loved the podcast!!! Thank you for sharing and creating such a wonderful and helpful  community of investors. 

These Podcasts are so inspirational! I'm so glad I'm starting my new year off right with new person to person knowledge to kick off my new business. Thanks guys! 

Hi Brandon

I just listened to the podcast #158 it  was very informative for me I know I will listen to it again just to catch what I might have missed.

Being new and feeling lost in the RE  investment  this opens my mind to understand what and how I need to run this business, I want to thank you all for the great information you put on Bigger Pockets, I look forward to viewing more.

I will keep you posted as to my progress.



when I am back from the mean streets of  Real Estate hunting, BP is my source of encouragement tells it like it is with the reality of real estate investing. You will always get disgruntled home owners get mad at you for bothering them. They say things like " how you get my name and number? What you want, get off my property!, Are you a real estate agent, because if you are  gonna kick your arse and many countless other crap. BP podcast guests talk about their experiences  how to approach and friend them nicely because quite frankly most of these home owners are in a bad situation are gonna be mean and take it on you ! 

Thank you guys for a great broadcast. I am  new and was motivated. I have been nervous about starting and finding my way and this show has been quite motivating. 

excellent BP podcast! I listen in the car. 

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