I would like to see colleagues sorted by something other than the default order.

I noticed that someone accepted a request. As I have more than one request open and a few colleagues (only 2 screenfuls) I wanted to see who had accepted. I figured that if I could see who accepted today (based on date order) I would know.

At a different point I was interested in a different sort order.

I am used to having columns where you click on a column and things are resorted. Or a pull down list. Something simple is all I am talking about.

BTW - It might be useful to sort based on someone's birth date if you wanted to send them a greeting. Or to sort based on state so that you can quickly find the people in a specific state.

Something simple covers most of my interest but a more complete way to order or sort the folks in your network could be really helpful. More about how one uses a social network than RE specific.

Your views?

Anyone else have an interest in the topic or an better idea?