Maybe I am missing something obvious as I only recently started using the new site. If not I have a feature request.

When I read a thread there is normally an ID, maybe an avatar that is unique and maybe a signature or name indicated. Some folks I recognize from past discussions and other folks I do not.

Would it be possible for an indication to appear in the forum when reading a thread that shows who is already a colleague? Just something simple would be find. Or a button which lets me strike up a conversation (which therefore implies I am already connected).

A few times someone posted something interesting but it would be off topic to comment in the thread. As the BP site says conversations are a great way to discuss a tangent I figure I would have a conversation. Some of the time I am connected to the person so i can do so and some of the time I find that I am not already connected. I can bounce back and do a PM from the forum in those cases. Still, knowing in situ if I can have a conversation with a person (they already being a colleague) would be a nice addition.


I am not requesting a date. Just interested in knowing if the idea makes sense or if there is a better way to navigate and accomplish the same result.