Feedback offered.

I was filling in a bit more of my profile. Still trying to get everything in order.

I filled in a couple of phone numbers and something else on the contact page.

I then went to the next page (next set of info to be completed). The system tried to do a save as I would expect.

2. errors were reported. It seems there is a 14 character limit for phone numbers. While that will let someone in the US put in some useful spacing along with a 10 digit number my phone number is 12 digits without any spacing, '(', ')', '+' or other formatting. Not good. I would prefer to correctly format the string so it shows correctly. More so because some folks in the US might not know what to do if I bunch all the digits together. This is what I am calling a bad assumption. Common for many programmers to forget that there is more than the US model so not completely a surprise.

The 'bug' is the following. I was provided with the error message and the form was returns without all the fields that I had entered now being blank. I find it really annoying to have to retype a bunch of info just because of a mistake. I find it much more user friendly if all the info can be retained and then I can edit it to make any needed corrections. Perfect for anything that was not wrong and even helpful for the fields where there is an error as it saves typing all the characters that are correct.

It puts me off even trying to fill in a form if it keeps flushing what I wrote. In some cases I just leave it all blank rather than fight with a system. Or I put the info in note field so that I can enter the info correctly when the system does not recognize a valid format.

Can the above be added to the list of things that need to be addressed some time in the future?