What I like about the new BP site

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To all community members,

I have been using the new site for a few days now. Some will remember that I was an active contributor to the old site. I took some time off for a number of reasons including the fact that something was missing from BP in the past. Josh assured me that the gaps would be filled with some changes he was planning so I took a break and focused my online activities in other places.

Having used the new site I have to say my usage patterns have changed. I find that while there are still discussions in the forums I can more likely to start a conversation (from the conversation tab or from a PM in a forum discussion). I trade a few messages with a specific person. I get to know them better or can ask about something specific that would be Off Topic (O/T) if places in the thread.

I have been adding people to my colleague list. More or less the same types of people who in the past I found interesting. I am in a sense storing them up because I anticipate that I will want to ask them a question about something in the future. I use the notes section to put in some keywords or something specific they said. Like a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system I can organize my contacts and my communication in a way that makes sense to me rather than having to search the forum for something that I think might have been said by someone.

Most people do seem to be using the profile section to provide a description of what they do. I also like the idea that if I find someone's profile interesting (or what they said in a post interesting) I can work back to prior posts including any introduction they might have left on the new members forum. Granted this mostly works for new people as those who did an introduction a long time ago might not appear in that specific forum.

I see that most people have not discovered the references section. I have asked for a few references and some do not even understand the concept. Maybe too new or maybe just not what people are used to as this was a forum and not a social network in the past. That might change with time.

There are some glitches along the way. Josh tells me that many are being sorted so things should get even better with a bit more time.

I would still like the ability to tune or otherwise adjust my preferences. Mostly when I read a thread and I know that I no longer have an interest even if a new responses is posted. I want to put the specific topic on ignore so when I check for new activity nothing shows up for that thread.

I would also like a prompt if someone responses to my specific post. That way I do not ignore people who have asked me something specific in a forum. A bit harder to do depending on the site design.

What are other people thinking about the new site? Has your use of BP changed (assuming you are a user from the old model). For those who have only used the new site how does it compare to other social networking sites in terms of navigation and other things you have come to expect from Facebook, LinkedIn or what ever site you also use. Even when other sites are not similar in intent they tend to create perceptions as to what makes a site useable or effective. We grow from ideas even if the ideas are found in unrelated places.

WOW! I'm a bit stunned. After a few days back on the site and perhaps dozens of suggestions for improvement and complaints, we hear something positive about the site from you, John!

While you've got the best of intentions, understand that we're not working here with Linked-In or Facebook money. Inundating us with thousands of suggestions isn't going to make them come any quicker.

I guess I'm just saying to take it easy here. Other than a few occasional glitches that we're not aware of, we know about the bugs, and we've got a plan for the site. . . we've got a TON of things that we're getting to. It will just take some time. Please be patient.

Thanks for the nice post.



You have the oddest way of saying thanks. Multiple places on the site request feedback, suggestions and bug reports. I figured I was doing my part given the published request. Sorry if I am confused. I was trying to say how the site works for me. Similar to how user feedback is collected to see if the site is being used the way the designers expected.

I was not complaining or saying that you were doing a bad job. Nothing personal at all.

As you noted that you were stunned let me try to clear the air.

I did not ask for anything to be done on any particular timeline. Just capturing ideas as and when I think of them. Use the ideas you like. Schedule how you want. I am not making any demands, period.

If you feel pressure it is not from me.

You claim that you have a small team and a tiny budget. I am sure you do. No reason to doubt you.

On my side there is only me and I get paid zero for my contributions. I am giving back to the community and you happen to be hosting the site. You likely benefit more than I will given it is your site and I am contributing for free. That works for me so I am not complaining if you make a buck.

Lets move forward and to continued growth in the community.


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