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Hey Guys -
Some of you have gotten the following email today. We're working to track this person down and take appropriate action.

Of course, know that this person is NOT someone to connect with.

Please send the message to spam, and/OR report the message to your mail provider.

Here's the message:

Hello dear,
Foremost, please , accept my hand of friendship . I pray you reply me through my private email address . My email ( moodley01@ ). The information I want to share with you is very urgent and absolutely important one. Once again , reply me through my email address only, because this is a public site , thus I can not converse freely here .

My regards

You can also report the message here:

Unfortunately, this kind of thing is one of the downsides of the web and is the reason why we don't allow people to post their emails in forum posts.

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Sounds like a Nigerian scam waiting to happen.